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Significant Changes in the UK Immigration Law

If the Immigration Salary List expanded to include 21 positions as recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) of the United Kingdom, it could lead to significant modifications in the nation’s immigration policies. This includes a staggering 48% increase in the wage requirement for skilled worker visas and a 20% pay reduction. 


Contrary to the current 30% of job roles that qualify for the Skilled Worker path on the SOL, the 21 proposed occupations for inclusion in the ISL would account for a mere 8% of positions. This means that if these jobs are mentioned, employers seeking to hire foreign workers for those positions will have to meet more stringent qualifications. 


The committee recommended a 20% decrease in general pay for occupations placed on the ISL, similar to what happened with the SOL. Jobs on the ISL are expected to maintain a slightly reduced application fee for a UK visa and immigration.


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A List of Recommended Occupations in ISL


  • Laboratory technicians 
  • Pharmaceutical technicians 
  • Managers and proprietors in forestry, fishing, and related services 
  • Boat and ship builders and repairers 
  • Care workers and home carers 
  • Senior care workers 
  • Stonemasons and related trades 
  • Construction and building trades not elsewhere classified 
  • Bricklayer roofers, roof tilers, and slaters 
  • Animal care services occupations not elsewhere classified 

Proposals for New Occupations as a Result of Higher Salary Thresholds


  • Chemical scientists 
  • Welding trades 
  • Biological scientists 
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Musicians
  • Social and humanities scientists 
  • Graphic and multimedia designers 
  • Arts officers, producers, and directors 
  • Artists, Dancers and choreographers 


A recent development reportedly states that social workers and healthcare professionals are no longer allowed to enter the UK with dependents. The UK Home Office made this announcement on Monday, March 11, 2024. It stated that the development is a component of its strategy to achieve the largest-ever decrease in migration. 


As a leading healthcare recruitment agency, Dynamic Health Staff recognizes the potential impact of the proposed dependent ban on health workers in the UK immigration rules. We understand that this could significantly affect the recruitment of healthcare workers in the UK, particularly those who need to bring their families with them. 


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Our personalized approach to international healthcare recruitment ensures that we provide our candidates with comprehensive support throughout the entire process, including the complexities of immigration and adapting to living and working in a new country. 


Despite potential changes in immigration rules, we remain committed to fulfilling the demand for healthcare workers in the UK and other countries. We’ll keep abreast of industry developments and news so that we can offer our clients the best solutions possible for their healthcare recruitment needs. 


If you are an employer in the UK looking to fill the gap in your medical institution or a healthcare worker seeking opportunities abroad, we at Dynamic Health Staff are here to assist you every step of the way. For more information about our services and how we can support you in achieving your healthcare recruitment objectives, get in touch with us immediately at +919810017608 or enquiry@dynamichealthstaff.com


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