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Germany Wants Filipino Nurses to Fix Labor Shortage

Germany intends to hire more Filipino nurses in an effort to address the growing scarcity of healthcare workers in the country.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., during their meeting in Berlin on Tuesday, 12th March 2024, focused most of their conversation on expanding and strengthening their country’s relationship in migration and mobility. At a joint press conference, gratitude and acknowledgment were expressed, and it was stated that “The Philippines has an abundance of well-skilled workers.” 


He further said, “This is also relevant for the health sector,” emphasizing the value and contribution of Filipino nurses. 


During the meeting, it was emphasized that Germany’s interest in labor collaboration with the Philippines is not just a one-sided solution to the healthcare labor shortage of Germany. They have expressed their desire to see progress made in this area “in a very concrete fashion,” highlighting the mutual benefits and potential for growth for both countries.


The German Chancellor announced plans for a “very comprehensive further development” of collaboration in the skilled industry, and they are also planning to implement this in concrete terms.


It was acknowledged that there were more Filipino healthcare workers in Germany than ever before and that discussions between the two countries to extend the deployment of Filipino skilled laborers outside the health sector were coming to a close.


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Resolving the labor shortage in Germany


Germany finds many talented laborers in the Philippines, and the country’s economy greatly benefits from the remittances sent home by Filipinos residing outside. Germany accounted for more than €573,000 of the remittances received by the Philippines in 2023, according to data from its central bank.


Of the approximately 6,000 Filipino nurses currently employed in Germany, about 2,000 came through a government-to-government program that trains and places Filipino nurses in German healthcare facilities. In addition, the shortfall is predicted to worsen between 2030 and 2040 due to Germany’s aging population and the increased care required.


As the shortfall is pointed out, the majority of immigrants from the Philippines come from the vital health sector, even though Germany is reaching out to other nations to help address the labor crisis in many areas. 


What is the impact of the medical “brain drain” on the Philippines?


With 620,000 licensed healthcare professionals actively employed in the country, of which about 51% are employed overseas, the Philippines is the world’s leading provider of nurses. In an earlier visit to the Philippines, the German Foreign Minister stated that bilateral cooperation would not result in the loss of talent in the nation. 


According to the president of Filipino Nurses United, nurses employed in Philippine government hospitals and agencies make a meager 36,000 Philippine pesos (€595/$650) per month. This is a small portion of the monthly salary offered abroad.


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