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Saudi Arabia Goes on a Nurse Hiring Spree in Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Labour in Sri Lanka has announced a significant opportunity for its nurses, with hundreds set to be employed in Saudi Arabian hospitals this year. The initial round of recruitment was held in Colombo last week. 


According to the media secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, Saudi Arabia plans to hire medical and paramedical workers from Sri Lanka and other nations to address the growing demand in the kingdom’s medical sector.


The first phase’s goal is to recruit 1,000 nurses through a 12-month rolling program. In the first round, 95 nurses with Bachelor of Science degrees were selected from a pool of 400 applicants. They are slated to serve in government hospitals across Saudi Arabia under the aegis of the Saudi Ministry of Health.


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With significant investments in healthcare, nursing is emerging as one of the most in-demand professions in Saudi Arabia, ensuring a stable and promising career path for nurses. The hiring of these nurses, with an average salary of 5,250 riyals, or about $1,400, is predicted to provide a much-needed boost to Sri Lanka’s faltering economy.


Racked by its worst financial crisis since 2022, Sri Lanka is severely dependent on foreign money due to  almost 200,000 Sri Lankans who leave the nation every year in pursuit of work prospects overseas.


As Saudi Arabia continues to hire more nurses from Sri Lanka, the demand for healthcare workers is growing rapidly. For healthcare professionals who want to work abroad, especially those in Sri Lanka, this is a fantastic chance.


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