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Tips for Successfully Relocating as a Nurse in the UK

Moving to a new country can be tough, especially as an overseas nurse. Whether on the move for your job or a fresh start, you must look forward to the experience and prepare yourself before heading abroad. 

The number of nurses who received their training abroad and are now working in the UK has grown significantly during the last few years. Also, the NHS and social care services rely on these nurses to deal with ongoing staffing shortages. Here are some tips for making the successful transition from India to the UK as smooth as possible.

English Language Proficiency

IELTS and OET are the only language exams accepted by the NMC as proof of your proficiency in effective English communication. The IELTS Academic test is the best choice for nursing registration requirements because it measures academic language usage. 

The NMC approves both paper-based testing and computer-based testing for the IELTS. It would help if you had an overall IELTS score of at least 7, a minimum of 7 in each of the three speaking, listening, and reading categories, and a minimum of 6.5 in the writing category to qualify for NMC registration.

Additionally, if you take the IELTS tests within six months of one another and your combined IELTS test scores do not fall below 6.5, you are permitted to combine your test results to get the required grade.

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Computer Based Training (CBT)

You will be asked to take the Competency Test if the NMC verifies your eligibility (ToC). A computer-delivered test known as the CBT plus a practical test known as the OSCE make up the actual Test of Competence. The two exams can be done in any order, although most foreign nurses start with the CBT because they can only take the OSCE at a specific test location in the UK. Comparatively, CBT testing facilities are accessible in the majority of nations worldwide.

A theoretical test, objective questions, and a numeracy test are all included in the computer-based test (CBT) (consisting of multiple-choice questions). Part A of the exam, a 15-mark numeracy assessment, has 115 questions, and Part B has the remaining questions (a 100-mark theory assessment). There is no partial credit because every question receives a score of accurate or incorrect. Typically, 48 hours after taking the test, the results are accessible.

Eligibility to Apply for NHS 

Your NMC online account will be updated to reflect your CBT results as soon as you take them. To get a job offer from an NHS trust in the UK, you can start attending interviews, whether online or in person. After receiving a job offer, your employer must do background checks to ensure you are a good fit. To be safer, you can apply through a recruitment agency because it increases your chances of getting selected for the particular job role with fewer inspections.

Tier 2 Visa Application

To entice medical professionals from all around the world to relocate to the UK and work there, the Health and Care Worker visa category was created. Fast-track entrance into the UK, lower visa fees, and exemption from the healthcare surcharge are some of the extra perks offered by this visa category. Once you have submitted your biometric data and applied for your visa in this manner, you should hear back from the visa office within three weeks.

OSCE Exam 

Only the UK offers the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), a practical nursing test. Your clinical knowledge is evaluated through an objective test that involves direct observation. The OSCE is intended to assess areas most important to a health care professional’s competence, such as communication skills and the capacity to deal with unpredictable patient behavior, in contrast to traditional clinical assessments. You’ll be forced to play out scenarios that a nurse in the UK would run into throughout the test. You should receive an email within five working days with the test results.

Identification Check

The NMC will assess your complete application, double-check all documentation if you pass your OSCEs, and provide proof of your good health, moral character, and language skills. Your unique registration code (PIN) to practice nursing in the UK will be provided after your application has been approved.

Moving to another City is Challenging 

Moving overseas can be a challenge, but it’s possible. The following advice will help the move go as smoothly as possible:

Learn the local language: 

You should first learn at least one word or phrase in your host country’s language. Even if it’s just hello and goodbye, this will help you feel more comfortable communicating with people who speak different languages than yours.

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Get a feel for your new environment: 

Make sure to walk around at least once or twice per day during your first week or two in town–you’ll get acquainted with where everything is located and what kind of shops are nearby. Remember, do not overload yourself with too much information at once; take things slow because loneliness has been associated with depression since immemorial.

Before you arrive, get ready for the relocation: 

Be sure to start preparing for your move before you get to your destination. It may seem like an obvious tip, but many nurses do just that and end up having a major culture shock when they arrive in their new country after having spent years working on another continent.

It’s important not only for yourself but also for those around you if there is going to be any success with this transition from one place/location/country into another, either professionally or personally, that everyone involved make sure they are prepared before moving away from home, whether physically or mentally.

Ensure you have sufficient funds to last for a few weeks: 

Make sure you have enough money for at least a few weeks. Take your time with things. Take some time to think about what kind of lifestyle, housing, and employment opportunities would suit your needs best when deciding whether or not moving overseas is worth pursuing as an overseas nurse.

Wrapping Up

The most employable courses in the UK are in medical and dentistry. Within six months of graduation, more than 94% of nursing students can land a job. Even with the government’s efforts, there still need to be more nurses to staff the NHS. There are more nursing positions available in NHS trusts in England than at any time in the past five years; in the three months leading up to September 2022, the figure was about 47,500.

There are numerous options if you’re interested in working with the NHS in a profession other than nursing. Although if you still find it difficult to find the opportunity that defines you well, we at Dynamic Health Staff can assist you with relocating abroad. We can even help you get your desired nursing job abroad; we can do it for you in the UK, Singapore, or Germany.

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