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Five Unique Strategies for Combating Staff Shortage in 2023 DHS blog banner

Five Unique Strategies for Combating Staff Shortage in 2023

Having a sufficient number of skilled workers is crucial for the success of any organization. Unfortunately, staff shortages have been a persistent problem for many businesses, and finding qualified personnel in the healthcare industry can be especially challenging. 

According to Moody’s April 2023 issue of Healthcare Quarterly, hospitals, and healthcare providers are using a range of strategies in addition to wage increases to address staff shortages.

With the right strategies, overcoming this issue and ensuring your thriving is possible. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of those unique and effective strategies for combating staff shortages in 2023. So, let’s get started.

Employing Contract Workers

The pandemic has impacted the healthcare sector. The workforce has perhaps suffered the greatest loss. During the epidemic, about one in five healthcare employees left their jobs. Temporary contract labor has been employed to fill in the gaps. 

According to the research, “It is anticipated that healthcare service providers will continue to rely on contract labor to cover gaps, albeit at a more moderate level moving forward.”

Introduction of Telehealth Programs

Telehealth is the provision of medical treatments and information through electronic means. Hiring remote workers and expanding telehealth and telenursing programs have given existing staff more flexibility.

It has made the process easy and has lessened the pressure on healthcare workers working in hospitals day and night. 

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Non-Monetary Advantages

When considering employee benefits, there are many things apart from timely pay and an increase in salary from time to time. So, to address employee burnout, the healthcare sector has started providing even non-wages benefits like flexible scheduling, travel opportunities, and more emphasis on work-life balance.

Direct Workforce Investment

Making investments that are directly related to the labor force was deemed “credit positive” in the report by Moody. To increase its staff to more than 3,000 nurses, Option Care, for instance, bought Infinity Infusion Nursing and Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network. 

By this, we can understand that investing in a direct workforce can significantly impact combating hospital staff shortages. 


A management technique known as task-shifting and sharing involves properly delegating clinical care responsibilities from highly specialized specialists to less specialized healthcare workers or professionals in related fields.

So, professionals are being relieved of non-clinical duties by several healthcare organizations in an effort to increase productivity and lessen burnout.

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