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NHS fees to be scrapped for overseas health staff and care workers

NHS to waive off Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS): many health professionals to benefit. In a move to alight the burden on foreign health staff, the NHS has proposed the Government of  UK to remove the immigration health surcharge (IHS) that the health professionals such as clinical staff, porters, cleaners, independent health workers and social care workers had to pay.

This move has come as a direct consequence of the insistence on the Boris Johnson government on the pretext of saying a thank you to the foreign nationals who have selflessly served the country.

Matt Hancock, Social care secretary, announced the plans during the government COVID-19 briefing. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-52761052


The government officials are pondering over the issue and working on the proposition to contain all costs to be borne by the government before a final communiqué is released.

It has also been proposed, that in the wake of Corona Virus spread and consequently it is a  pandemic the British government has decided to extend the VISA of health care professionals for a year, of those whose VISAs were due to expire this October. The families of those who have died serving the patients affected with the CORONA virus have been exempted from leaving the UK and are allowed to settle permanently.


This news has come as a “manna from heaven” for all those of you who are planning to work for humanity and thus bring glory to your country India and serve the needy as well.

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