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Increased Hiring in the UK's Healthcare Sector

Increased Hiring in the UK’s Healthcare Sector

As a result of the Covid-19, employment opportunities in the UK healthcare industry have increased, which resulted in the worst public health disaster in recent memory. The number of people hired by the industry in 2022 is expected to rise by 37%, according to a new analysis of the last 12 months’ worth of data on recruitment.

A 36% rise in job applications through websites like Indeed, Careers Page, and LinkedIn has been observed, according to recruitment software provider Occupop.

The sector’s top-demanding positions are as follows:

  • Healthcare assistants (HCAs), for which 59 percent of applicants applied, are not required to have a degree in a particular area.
  • 14% of job searchers wanted administrative positions in healthcare rather than medical ones.
  • A seven percent increase in applications for nursing and maternity positions was recorded.
  • Social care workers are in greater demand than ever; 1.54 million people work in this field.
  • The number of allied health professionals, a general term for various medical workers who are not doctors or nurses but still carry out specialized duties, increased by 5%.

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In 2022, July saw the highest number of applications, while March saw the highest number of jobs as businesses tried to add more employees before the start of the next fiscal year. 40% of applicants came from the jobs search engine. Indeed, which also got 29% from the Careers Page, 11% from LinkedIn, and 7% from Facebook. Indeed also proved to be the most profitable source of hires. 

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