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New Bill Aims to Improve Nurse Staffing in Ohio Hospitals

As part of an effort to address nurse recruitment and retention, the state is the most recent to put out “safe staffing” legislation.

The COVID-19 epidemic highlighted several long-standing problems affecting front-line healthcare professionals, including staffing shortages and fatigue. In a PwC poll, more than 80% of healthcare executives said hiring new employees posed a serious business risk. Hospitals still have trouble filling positions. Nearly 40% of nurses who participated in a survey of state nurses by the Ohio Nurses Association union between May and June said their patient care units “rarely” or “never” had enough staff.

According to the ONA poll, over 60% of Ohio nurses left the field due to their workload. Conflict with management has arisen in various workplaces due to personnel issues. More than 1,700 Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital nurses in New Jersey have been on strike for more than 50 days over issues with staffing levels and compensation.

According to Ghanbari, a sponsor of the Ohio staffing bill, the minimal nurse-to-patient ratio should be introduced. She thinks it will improve patient care and keep employees on the job. Ghanbari said that Ohioans seeking medical care and the nurses providing that care are in danger because of the state’s nursing shortage. Our hospitals will offer better patient care and working conditions if we have enforceable safe staffing requirements.

The Ohio bill permits temporary deviations from safe staffing ratios only in exceptional circumstances for patient care. The American Hospital Association has expressed issues over minimum staffing requirements, claiming that they are rigid or that there are not enough workers available in a particular location to hire.

According to Robyn Begley, a chief nursing officer of the AHA, minimum ratios increase stress on a healthcare system already facing an escalating shortage of educated nurses and do not create more nurses, she said in a statement to Healthcare Dive earlier this year. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont, who spoke at a press conference on September 13 about nurse-to-patient ratios, is one of the national senators who recently noticed staffing numbers. President of the New York State Nurses Association, Nancy Hagans, and Judy Danella, president of United Steelworkers Local 4-200, the union representing the RWJUH nurses on strike, were also in attendance.

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When discussing these issues further, Sanders added that our healthcare system is undoubtedly difficult. However, to the extent that it is operating at all, it is because of these people — the nurses. There are some of us in Congress who are aware of your situation. Furthermore, we’ll strive to ensure safe patient-to-nurse ratios across the nation.

The Biden administration has expressed interest in staffing requirements to improve nursing homes. This month, the HHS unveiled a divisive proposal for a rule requiring nursing facilities to have a registered nurse on duty and to offer each resident three hours of care daily, of which trained nurses must provide 0.55 hours. A recent KFF investigation shows that the industry doesn’t meet the planned staffing mandate in more than 80% of cases.

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