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Solving Staffing Shortages while Improving Productivity in the Healthcare Sector

Solving Staffing Shortages while Improving Productivity in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare workers’ crisis is lingering before the pandemic. However, the healthcare workers’ crisis has taken a toll greatly in the post-pandemic world. The healthcare workforce shortage is roaring across the world. In order to grapple with this, countries are opting for various strategies, such as hiring an international healthcare workforce. In the current scenario, the shortage of healthcare workers is considered a public health emergency.

The USC School of Medicine examined the workforce shortage issue and discovered various causes that contributed to the current scenario, such as:

  • An aging population that will continue to expand until 2030 and need more medical care
  • Staff Burnout caused by the covid-19 pandemic
  • Scarcity of nursing faculty in the nursing colleges producing nursing staff

The above-listed reasons justify why the healthcare sector is at an impasse. According to industry estimates, the pandemic resulted in the loss of 20% of the healthcare workforce, including 30% of nurses. Combine it with an interest in enhancing healthcare productivity, and you have a perfect storm in an urgent need of answers.

Michelle Dawn Mooney, the host of the RCM chat podcast, spoke with Emily Bonham, Senior Vice President, Product Management for Healthcare Technology at AGS Health, and Eric McGuire, Senior Vice President for Medical Coding and CDI Service Lines at AGS Health, to get some comprehensive guidance on dealing with staffing shortages while boosting productivity. McGuire feels that technology can play a significant part in both.

“I have to promote technology to help with those staffing shortages,” McGuire added. “For example, establishing something within the coding, such as a computer-assisted coding product for your coding team, we’ve seen increases in productivity commencing at about 20%, and then as the organization uses the software and becomes more comfortable with it, we can see those go up to about 40% productivity improvement.”

During their conversation, Mooney, Bonham, and McGuire talk about several topics, such as:

  • The size and scope of the concerns regarding workforce shortages and productivity
  • Suggestions for Addressing the Staffing Shortage Crisis
  • The relationship between employee retention and higher productivity

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