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Relief for Nurse Managers: How Keck Hospital Is Lightening the Load

Managing a team of nurses is not an easy task. From scheduling workload to ensuring quality patient care, nurse managers have a lot on their plates. At Keck Hospital, a new initiative has been implemented to help ease the burden on nurse managers and improve overall team satisfaction. In this blog, we will look more closely at this program and how it’s improving patient outcomes and the nursing staff.

When all nurse managers and assistant nurse managers met with the chief nursing officer to make a list of all the responsibilities they have on a daily basis, Keck Hospital of USC in Los Angeles set out to address this very question: “Which tasks can only be performed by a nurse manager?”

The chief nursing officer of Keck Hospital, Ceonne Houston-Raasikh, DNP, RN, told Keck that “we had huge flip charts all over the room, and then we identified those things that only a manager can do, and we looked at all of the tasks that they could be giving to assistant nurse managers through delegation.” A number of important jobs emerged, including coaching, creating departmental timetables, and editing time cards. Now, she declared, “None of our managers are doing that. All of that work is consistently delegated to nurse managers.” 

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The hospital has made it a constant focus to optimize the workloads of nurse managers and search for innovative ways to standardize the process. To further such conversations, Dr. Houston-Raasikh and other Keck executives meet with nurse managers for listening sessions every three months to find out more about the ways in which the work environment has changed and what more needs to be done in terms of solutions.

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