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Nurses Practitioners Stand Out as One of the Best Jobs that Help People

Nurses Practitioners Stand Out as One of the Best Jobs that Help People

Since the pandemic, the demand for healthcare professionals has amplified. In almost every country, the government invests a lot to be well-equipped with the latest technology and healthcare professionals. In the post-pandemic era, nursing stands out as one of the highly in-demand professions worldwide. The demand for experienced and well-trained nurses is high across the world.

Nursing practitioners top US News & World Report’s list of the “2023 best jobs that help people. This is the best employment that assists people. According to sources, the nursing practitioner profession came out as one of the best and finest healthcare careers of 2023. Along with these facts, the job, i.e., the nursing practitioner, ranked second out of the 100 best jobs of 2023. The nursing professional secures a second position in the “Best STEM Jobs.”

The jobs mentioned in the list are focused on improving people’s health and fitness. These professions assist people in achieving their short and long-term goals. The U.S. News said that these professions influence you positively over time in terms of growth and achievements.

As per reports, the average salary of nurse practitioners is approximately $120,680. Conversely, physician assistants rank second on the list with a median salary of $121,530, slightly higher than nurse practitioners. And registered nurses secure the eighth position on the list with an average salary of $77,600 annually.

In order to grow flawlessly in this industry, you must be compassionate with strong interpersonal skills. There are several job duties conducted by nurses practitioners, including-

  •         Offering primary and inclusive care to patients
  •         Creating a comprehensive patient care plan
  •         Providing guidelines to patients and their families on recovery

According to the US News, this profession comes up with long working hours and hectic schedules. Therefore, the stress is always there with a minimal work-life balance. However, the salary in this industry is always lucrative, with a strong and stable job market.

Nursing practitioner employment is supposed to grow by a 45.7% rate between the span of 2021 and 2031. In this span, the job market will be boosted by approximately 112,700 new jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. People seeking a career in this industry would have higher chances of finding a stable job with a handsome salary.

Once you are a nurse with good work experience and the required skills, you can move to developed countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. the demand for nurses in these countries is higher than ever. These countries always look for international nurses who can effectively contribute to their healthcare system.

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