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Moving Up: How NHS Staff Are Finding Fulfillment

Steven Weeks, the policy manager for NHS Employers, provides his thoughts on the findings of the 2023 NHS Staff Survey in his most recent report. He highlights both the positive advancements and areas for development.

The NHS Staff Survey results for 2023 showed increases in scores for the majority of People Promise indicators. Scores on reward and recognition, flexible work schedules, morale, and compassionate and inclusive leadership have all increased. A better rating for staff engagement was narrowly avoided.

According to Steven, the overall score for a healthy workplace was not possible due to technical difficulties, although it most likely would have improved because of the improvements in staff perceptions of employer action on health and wellness. Staff members’ consideration of quitting even decreased.

The evidence is unambiguous when seen as a yearly evaluation of development. In 2023, opinions about working for the National Health Service (NHS) have improved over 2022 on almost all measures. The question of whether staff members would recommend the NHS as a place to work has seen the biggest increase, going from 57% to 61% and nearly returning to its pre-pandemic level. 

For example, learning and development are among the top-level scores that have returned to their pre-COVID-19 levels. With the continuous strain on the service, the long-term effects of COVID-19, and the disruptive effects of industrial action, these improvements represent a significant accomplishment. Employers are making a difference, as seen by the People Promise exemplar trusts’ faster-than-average improvement and other trusts with comparable comprehensive methods. 

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Comprehensive strategies that maintain healthy work environments, foster compassionate leadership, provide line managers with ample support, encourage worker involvement, and prioritize health and wellness are evidently the most effective. It is one instrument that can increase engagement and aid in staff retention. Actions to promote retention also had an impact.

NHS employers have expressed their gratitude for the outcomes and plan to build on them in 2024 by expanding the initiatives in the areas of staff experience, health and wellbeing, and engagement. An in-depth analysis of staff engagement revealed that, while staff reporting and advocacy had significantly improved, the level was generally consistent. Certain trusts had twice as many recommendations as others, indicating a wide variation in the readiness to support the NHS as an employer. 

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