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High Demand Nurse Practitioner Specialties in Canada in 2023

High Demand Nurse Practitioner Specialties in Canada in 2023

Due to high-paying jobs and top-notch living standards, Canada is always the first choice for immigrant healthcare professionals. Nursing jobs in Canada will be at a peak in upcoming years. As per data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s a projected surge of 45.7% in the employed nurse practitioner count by 2031. Dynamic Health Staff provides the best in class medical professionals to fulfil the increasing number of nursing employment in Canada. Anticipating the creation of approximately 114,900 fresh NP positions over the next ten years, a group of healthcare experts dedicated to giving insights about the medical field has unveiled a compilation outlining the most sought-after nurse practitioner specialisations for 2023.

Nurse practitioner specialties in high demand for 2023

Usually, a nurse practitioner handles many things, and there are multiple specialties in the nursing profession. Following are the five nursing specialties performed by a practitioner that are in high demand in Canada: 

1. Family Practice

Among the array of nurse practitioner specialties, family practice is one of the most prevalent, constituting a significant majority of the profession, accounting for over 70% of practitioners last year. This enduring popularity robustifies its position as one of the most highly sought-after specialisations in the field.

These untold medical experts perform various types of treatment for their patients and perform routine physicals and follow-up appointments.

2. Psychiatric mental health

Psychiatric nurses take care of the patients who are dealing with intellectual or psychological issues. They are commonly employed in hospitals, mental facilities, or rehabilitation programs. A psychiatric nurse’s role is to give patients physical, mental, and emotional care. Employers typically need specialised education, certifications, or discipline to work in mental health.

As the demand for Psychiatric nurses is increasing, this is the best time for you to get a job as a nurse in Canada by contacting Dynamic Health Staff. We are the leaders in the business, and we assure you with the best in class assistance.

The need for psychiatric mental health specialists is increasing, making it one of the most popular nurse practitioner specialties. These professional nurses offer care in both inpatient and outpatient settings, frequently addressing mental health issues, prescribing medications, and performing routine check-ups.

3. Paediatric primary care

This year, paediatric primary care is in great demand due to a severe scarcity of childcare doctors in many rural towns. Paediatric primary care NPs do basic physicals, administer immunizations, diagnose illnesses, and manage medication for children.

Within their role, these practitioners diligently undertake tasks such as conducting routine physical examinations, ensuring vaccination schedules are adhered to, diagnosing ailments, and effectively managing medication regimens for children. Their pivotal role significantly impacts the well-being of the younger population.

4. Pulmonology nurse practitioner

As a result of the pandemic, the need for pulmonology nurse practitioners has skyrocketed in recent years, with no indications of abating. From COVID-19 to sleep apnea, these respiratory healthcare professionals analyse, diagnose, and manage a patient’s respiratory ailments.

5. House call nurse practitioner

House-call nurse practitioners are projected to be in high demand in the upcoming years. Patients have recently begun to use home health care services more regularly. While some people just want more convenience with their health care, many prefer home visits because they have trouble getting out of the house.

Anticipating the years ahead, there’s a notable projection of heightened demand for house-call nurse practitioners. This surge can be attributed to increased patient availability of home health care services. While some seek the added convenience of healthcare at home, a significant number opt for home visits due to mobility challenges. This emerging trend is shaping the landscape of patient-centred care.

These are the five best specialties for a nurse practitioner, which are in high demand in Canada this year. If you are also looking for a nursing job in Canada, then Dynamic Health Staff is your one-stop destination. We have been in the service for over four decades and have millions of trusted customers.

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Registered Nurses (RNs) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are in great demand in healthcare institutions worldwide. When healthcare personnel are sparse, especially when nurses are in short supply, RNs may readily cover a couple of sites.

RNs who want to advance swiftly into a more specialised job can do so. Though they may occasionally be required to obtain further training or study, changing careers as an RN is easy. RNs can become specialty nurses in this way so that even during a shortage, an RN can offer adequate assistance to those who require specific care.

How can Dynamic Health Staff help you?

If you want to work as a nurse, Canada is the finest location. The nation provides numerous healthcare, research, and education opportunities for nurses. And Dynamic Health Staff is always there to assist you in finding the best employment opportunities. We at Dynamic provide you with the top-notch assistance by providing the hospitals to the aspiring nurses with experienced medical and healthcare professionals. At our Dynamic Academy, you will also get the best language training so that you grab the job you desire. If you are on a job hunt in any country across the globe, go to enquiry@dynamichealthstaff.com or contact us at +919810017608.

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