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An Epic Breakthrough Dynamic Health Staff Deploys More Than 700 Nurses to Birmingham UK

An Epic Breakthrough: Dynamic Health Staff Deploys More Than 700 Nurses to Birmingham, UK

We are highly pleased to inform you about a remarkable breakthrough in the healthcare field. Thanks to Dynamic Healthstaff’s team efforts that led to the deployment of over 700 nurses to the NHS Trusts Birmingham, healthcare services have been significantly improved

Hospitals in Birmingham have confirmed that they’ll be hiring more nurses from India. We are recruiting nurses for various trusts in Birmingham, including University Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham Community Hospital, Birmingham Women’s & Children Hospital, and Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

We are a healthcare recruitment firm recruiting nurses for Birmingham, UK. You can also grab a chance to be one of those nurses getting settled in Birmingham with the help of Dynamic. If you want to enroll through us, check out the eligibility criteria, interviews, and deployment process.

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the details of this deployment and how our efforts are helping revolutionize the healthcare industry. So, fasten your belts and be prepared to be amazed.

Let’s review this epic breakthrough.

Do you know that nurses are so in demand that, in the latest news, it was stated that there is an Increased Hiring in the UK’s Healthcare Sector

How is Dynamic Health Staff Filling the Gap?

As a healthcare provider in Birmingham, The efforts of Dynamic Health Staff as one of the best healthcare recruiters to fill the gap in nursing staff are appreciable. We have deployed over 700 nurses to Birmingham so far, conducting weekly virtual interviews. 

If you are one of the nurses who want to relocate to Birmingham UK, you can reach us at +91-9810017608. We will help and guide you throughout the process and help you live your dream of working overseas. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications for Nurses?

Each trust has its own eligibility criteria that you must be standing in line to acquire a nursing job in Birmingham. However, if you desire to work as a nurse in Birmingham. Below we have mentioned the basic eligibility criteria that include: 

  • BSc or GNM Nursing 
  • IELTS/OET Passed as per NMC eligibility 
  • Minimum 3 months of experience in any departments
  • Pediatric Nurses must have children CBT/NMC or be willing to transfer

It is recommended that nurses have a range of skills, including strong communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. They should also be able to work effectively in a team and have a compassionate and caring approach to patient care. 

Meeting these criteria and qualifications will increase your chances of finding a nursing position in Birmingham. We at Dynamic Health staff will guide you through the process, from applying for a nursing job to settling in Birmingham. 

If you get relocated to Birmingham through Dynamic, you can grab a chance to acquire a good salary package because that will be based on your previous experience. The more the experience, the more the salary. 

What are the Benefits Available to Nurses in Birmingham by Dynamic Health Staff?

We at Dynamic Health Staff help you get a desired job in Birmingham. You should opt for a nursing career in Birmingham because, as a nurse, there are various benefits available. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Pre-pinned Salary – Band 4 ( £ 23,949-26,282 PA)
  • Post-pinned Salary – Band 5 ( £ 27,055- 32,934 ) as per experience 
  • NMC & CBT fee reimbursement
  • OSCE fee & Training support 
  • 6 weeks of free accommodation 
  • Flight Ticket sponsor in advance
  • Visa fee sponsor in advance  
  • Airport pick-up 
  • Meet and greet services 
  • Spouse visa assistance
  • A wide range of career options
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Continuous learning and guidance

Additionally, you may be eligible for paid time off, sick leave, and flexible scheduling options. 

Dynamic Health Staff offers career development opportunities and helps you grow professionally. Additionally, working with NHS Trust in Birmingham can provide a rewarding and supportive work environment and valuable benefits to enhance your quality of life.

Why Nurses are in Demand in Birmingham?

Birmingham is home to several world-renowned healthcare institutions, such as the UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital), one of the country’s largest and most prestigious hospitals. These institutions attract patients from all over the world, which means there is a constant need for highly skilled nurses to provide the best possible care.

Many people find nursing very appealing since nurses in Birmingham are well-paid and can access many professional development possibilities.

Overall, Birmingham’s requirement for nurses is expected to increase over the next few years, making this an excellent time for anyone looking to pursue a career in nursing.

Before enrolling for a nursing degree, you should also know,  What are the Perks of Building Your Career in the UK as a Nurse?

What are the Strategic Planning and Innovative Solutions DHS provides? 

Dynamic Health Staff is taking strategic planning and innovative solutions to improve their services. We are the only healthcare recruiters placing nurses in Birmingham, UK. 

One way we achieve this is by giving those seeking help the chance to have face-to-face interviews. It allows for a more personalized and thorough approach to addressing the needs of the trusts looking to fill the healthcare staff shortage. 

It has also become a boon for nurses looking to relocate to Birmingham. The updates on ongoing face-to-face interviews make the potential candidates aware of the opportunity and help them pursue their dream by participating in and attending the interviews. 

Additionally, DHS provides pre-training sessions to ensure nurses are well-prepared and informed before their interviews. 

These efforts demonstrate DHS’s commitment to providing excellent service and corroborating the safety and security of the communities.

So, what are you still holding out for? At Dynamic Health Staff, we won’t stop at this milestone alone. 

Join us in attaining the major milestones of addressing the acute skill gap in Birmingham by contributing your skills to the patients by relocating to Birmingham, UK, with our constant support.

If you are willing to start your career in Birmingham as a registered nurse and meet the eligibility mentioned above criteria, then this is the chance for you. Contact us today at +91-9810017608 or email enquiry@dynamichealthstaff.com. We can assist you in accomplishing your dreams. 

Click here to contact Dynamic Health Staff today!


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