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Why has KSA become a favored destination for nurses?

The Healthcare industry is at boom across the world after Covid. Every country is updating and modifying healthcare gadgets and equipment with the latest technology. Covid-19 has been a harsh and horrifying phase, especially for the healthcare industry. Also, countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, and Saudi Arabia are functioning hard enough to bolster their healthcare sector.

A stable and emerging healthcare system stands out as the top factor in the country’s growth. However, some drastic changes are being observed in developed and developing Nations. There are some common primary issues in front of the healthcare system of the countries like Canada, the UK, and KSA-

  • Lack of number of trained nurses.
  • Healthcare professionals are around retirement.
  • The aging population is significantly high.
  • High numbers of vacancies are vacant in healthcare.

In this blog, we will be strolling through below aspects-      

  • Why has KSA become a favored destination for nurses?
  • What career perspectives as a nurse in Saudi Arabia in 2022 and 23?
  • What are the core benefits of working in Saudi Arabia as a healthcare professional?

Why has KSA become a favored destination for nurses? 

In this country, there are thousands of vacancies available for healthcare professionals. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is actively looking for healthcare professionals from other countries like India. If you are a trained healthcare professional, the KSA is your calling.  The KSA invites medical professionals in large numbers.

There are some significant benefits KSA offers to healthcare professionals such as-

  • High compensation
  • Salary without tax deduction
  • High standard of living
  • Multi-cultural society, and
  • Exposure to technology and modern gadgets

Reports indicate that Saudi Arabia had 184,565 registered nurses in 2018. However, 18% of the registered nurse were Saudi citizens only. Nurses stand out as the largest group of health professionals in Saudi Arabia. They play a very significant role in the Saudi healthcare system.

What are the career perspectives as a nurse in Saudi Arabia in 2022 and 2023? 

Saudi Arabia never fails to serve lucrative deals and leverages to its medical professionals. If you join Saudi Arabia as a healthcare professional, you can secure a high salary, a productive work environment, a work-life balance, and many more.

You are hired in Saudi Arabia on a contract basis for 12 to 24 months. Although, the contract may be increased later depending on your performance and other factors. The duration of the contract may vary from one to another. To know your exact contract duration, go through the contract papers mindfully.

You will have to work for around 50 to 60 hours per week as a nurse or other medical professional in Saudi Arabia. The working hours are divided into the day and night shifts. You will get all the information regarding working hours, shifts, and your job role during your joining.

In Saudi Arabia, Sunday stands out as the first day of the week, and Friday and Saturday are considered weekends. You may be hired for any of the below positions depending on your previous work experience, skill set, and educational background-

Registered nurses- A registered nurse is someone who is also popular as a staff nurse. Staff nurses are responsible for several duties, such as-

  • Doing an initial assessment of the patient; writing down blood pressure, checking heartbeat, offering assistance, etc.
  • Assisting patients with their dosages, rehabilitation, and recovery stage
  • Offering excellent care to the patients and members of the hospital

Emergency room registered nurse- Emergency room registered nurses are those nurses who assist the doctors and other staff in an emergency. Your job role may consist of the following-

  • Aiding the doctors in stressful situations 
  • Following the etiquette and standards of nursing
  • Dealing with stressful situations frequently
  • Taking decisions under pressure

Intensive care unit nurse- The prime job role of the intensive care nurse unit is to supervise the patient’s health progress and report the minute changes to seniors. Besides, updating the relatives, spouse, or whoever is present about the patients in terms of progress.

What are the core benefits of working in Saudi Arabia as a healthcare? 

Benefits that Saudi offers to healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors are uncountable. There is a shortage of healthcare workers in Saudi Arabia which leads to several problems. Therefore, Saudi Arabia recruits healthcare professionals in a very large number. There are ultimate benefits you get by working in Saudi Arabia.

Job opportunities unleashing potential growth 

There are multiple jobs available in Saudi Arabia for healthcare professionals. No matter whether you are fresher or experienced, you can easily find a job that aligns with your educational background and past working experience. Before you opt for any job, make sure-

  • Your resume is up to date.
  • You have a previous work experience letter, if applicable.
  • You have your valid education documents.

Lucrative salary-

By working as a healthcare professional in Saudi Arabia, you get the privilege of earning a lot. In contrast to your home country, you earn double as a healthcare professional in the KSA, with several other perks. Apart from salary, you get exposure to a productive environment. Points to keep in mind are-

  • Salary may vary between a fresher and an experienced candidate.
  • You should be dedicated to working as per the requirement.
  • Employer may ask you to work different shifts.

Spellbound attractions- 

There is a stereotype that Saudi Arabia has nothing other than deserts. However, this is not true. Saudi Arabia has many spellbound attractions, including beaches, malls, water parks, and tempting food. In your leisure time, you can explore these places and have Arabic cuisine. Notable, you don’t need to be an Arabic speaker. You can use English as a primary language to communicate during working hours and outside.


KSA recruits people from diverse nations such as Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. By working with Saudi Arabia, you get the chance to work and stay with people from different countries. Most employers offer accommodation nearby the place where you work. Also, there would be so many eateries and other facilities around your accommodation. As a result, you won’t have any problems during your transition from your home country to KSA.

Final words- 

If you are looking for a job in the healthcare domain in the KSA, so you are in the right place. We at Dynamic Health staff assist in making your path easier to achieve your dreams.

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