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Which Country Is Best For A Nursing Job?

The possibility to travel the nation and the flexibility, high compensation, excitement, and trendiness of travel nursing in the US make it one of the most popular trends. Despite US nurses receiving the greatest salaries in the world, international nursing is a trend that is only growing in popularity. But which nation is the ideal place for nurses to work?

Even though wages abroad are significantly less than those in the US, most nurses who travel abroad do so to experience new cultures and to escape the present nursing crisis affecting bedside nurses in the US.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 makes it more challenging for nurses with American training to travel internationally. Still, as restrictions are gradually relaxed, the field of international travel nursing is beginning to pick up steam.

Contracts are substantially longer than in the United States, and the procedure may take months. The ability to travel between nations will not be available to nurses who set out on this journey; however, depending on the country’s laws and visa requirements, they may be permitted to travel within a single nation.

Although it can be thrilling, challenging, and incredibly gratifying, international travel nursing requires dedication because the process can take months and is expensive. 

Furthermore, after a letter of job agreement has been signed, it is typically exceedingly challenging to cancel the contract. Although being an international travel nurse requires preparation and commitment, few people will ever have the opportunity to work alongside natives and experience a different culture.

There are certain countries that are considered the best option for Indian nurses to practice. We have curated a list to analyze and choose the best country for you.


  • $75,660 per year, $48.50 per hour (USD)

Canada is an excellent choice for nurses who want to practice international nursing but do not want to venture too far from home because of its universal healthcare system and proximity to the United States. English being the native tongue, further facilitates relocating to another nation.

Canada’s regulatory body for registered nurses is the College of Nurses of Ontario. The board must grant a license to international candidates following a series of background checks, interview questions, and tests. The least expensive price for this test is $340. The cost may change depending on several circumstances. 

The website states that registration may take three to eighteen months. With the provision of supporting documents, the application can be begun online. Despite being our northern neighbor, a visa is necessary to work in Canada and can be obtained from your place of employment once credentialing has taken place.


  • $69,699 (USD)

Australia has emerged as a top choice for individuals looking to travel while working abroad because it is home to the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos, and the late Steve Irwin. It is also home to sanctuaries for koalas. The fact that English is Australia’s official language and there is no language barrier is a major draw. Many overseas organizations collaborate with Australian hospitals. Healthcare Australia is the biggest nursing recruitment firm in Australia (HCA).

Foreign nationals must apply for a visa with full working privileges and active registration with AHPRA (Australia’s Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) to work there. This typically takes 4 to 5 months to process and be evaluated.

The majority of foreign nurses collaborate with a nursing organization that is knowledgeable about international travel regulations. It’s uncommon to apply for a job and complete the paperwork by yourself. Keep in mind that getting a visa requires following the correct procedures and can take weeks or months. Compared to domestic travel, becoming an international nurse takes more preparation.


  • $39,768 (USD)

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland registration is required for nurses who want to work in Ireland (NMBI). The Board urges nurses to DENIE moving to Ireland until a final credentialing decision has been made. Furthermore, it’s crucial to wait until after receiving certification from the Board before making an application or asking about a job.

Interested candidates must complete an online application, a background check, fingerprints, and an English proficiency test to be considered. Whether or not you are a natural English speaker, you must complete this. Some people are required to pass an exam, but the board makes the final decision. An employment visa is necessary in order to work in Ireland.

“Adaptation and assessment” is one of the application’s additional potential outcomes. This indicates that you must successfully complete a supervised placement in a healthcare facility in Ireland.


  • $23,316 (USD)

Dubai, one of the world’s richest and most opulent cities right now, pays its nurses incredibly little on average. The average wage for a nurse working in a hospital or long-term care institution is considerably lower than in other Middle Eastern nations, according to PayScale.com. Despite the poor compensation, nurses are nevertheless in great demand in this developing nation.

The entire wage is taken home because there are no taxes on income and universal healthcare. As a result, people have the chance to earn more money than they would at home.

Contractual obligations for nurses employed in Dubai are more stringent than those in other nations. The hospital must provide housing for nurses and be given them a meager living allowance. Most are also obliged to sign contracts that last at least one year.

Visitors to Dubai don’t need a visa. However, nurses moving there do need an employment visa. To get this, immigration clearance may take at least three months to complete. Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that contracts in Dubai and other Middle Eastern nations can either have a single or married status. If you have a single-status contract, are married, and have children, they cannot move to Dubai with you. They will be permitted to travel, but they won’t be eligible for any job perks. In addition, depending on the position, some hospitals will only hire male or female personnel. 


The UK is a terrific destination to start a career, raise a family, and settle down since it has the best health care services in the world, a top-notch public education system, childcare services, and is a nation that places a lot of emphasis on sports and culture.

The typical nurse wage in the United Kingdom is about 54,500 GBP annually. From lowest to highest, salaries range from 28,300 GBP to 83,300 GBP and include housing, transportation, and other benefits. The band scale, years of experience, area, expertise, and geography all have a significant impact on how much a nurse is paid. Below is a complete analysis based on several parameters.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, an NHS nurse in the UK makes an average yearly pay of 54,500 GBP. We project that the average nurse makes between £28,300 and 83,300 GBP annually. It primarily depends on the speciality a UK nurse works for and how much experience she or he has.


In the Singapore area, a nurse makes an average monthly pay of SGD 2,500. With a range of SGD 1 to SGD 34,320, the average additional cash salary for a nurse in the Singapore metropolitan area is SGD 7,500. The 92 salaries given by Nurse personnel in the Singapore, Singapore Area are used to estimate salaries.

Singapore’s economy is highly developed and offers rewarding career possibilities to professionals. This has strengthened all industries and allows families to live comfortably. Singapore, known as the Garden City, is a thriving international centre for finance. A city-state, it is renowned for its orderliness, excellent metro connectivity, and contemporary convenience.

One such convenience is the healthcare system in Singapore. It is one of the world’s most effective healthcare systems. Starting in 1994, their Ministry of Healthcare launched a targeted push to strengthen and grow their healthcare system. Additionally, this created opportunities for Indian nursing experts to relocate there and work in both public and private institutions.


The median monthly pay for staff nurses is 15,100 QAR, while the lowest monthly pay for nurses is 9,720 QAR and the maximum monthly pay is 29,200 QAR.

With good experience, the “head nurse” earns 13600 QAR per month, the “nursing director” receives 27600 QAR per month, and the “home nurse” earns 11800 QAR per month.

Through a combination of government investment, modernization, and cutting-edge technology, Qatar has positioned itself as a global leader in healthcare. The Ministry of Public Health, which oversees healthcare, is in charge of creating a health care system that meets international standards in terms of research, education, high-quality practitioners, and infrastructure.

This has made it possible for medical professionals from many different professions to cooperate with a nation that is rapidly developing and committed to constructing world-class healthcare infrastructure.


At the confluence of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, Oman is located on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The coastal sections of the country are far more hospitable, in contrast to the interior, which is a dry stretch of sand devoid of any vegetation. 

Its northern coast is a fertile area noted for its grapes that is tucked between the mountains and the sea.

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is located on the northern shore. It has a harbour, is a major economic hub, and has a beautiful view of the Gulf of Oman. The city has a patchwork of ancient and modern building styles, which also represents how the nation has developed.

13 private hospitals, government hospitals, and defense hospitals make up Oman’s healthcare system. The government places a high priority on the health and well-being of its citizens, therefore locals can access healthcare services in government facilities for free or at a low cost, while expats must pay a little fee. ICU, industrial, OBG, labor and delivery, emergency room, medical surgical, etc. Nurses are in high demand.

Indians predominate in roles as doctors and nurses in Oman, where the Indian medical community has made a strong impression. A Registered Nurse (RN) can earn up to OMR 35k annually.


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