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Nurses Shortage in Florida: New Florida Council is working to handle the upcoming crisis

The shortage of nursing staff is affecting the health care sector worldwide, and all the countries are looking for ways to deal with it. New Florida is also facing a nurse shortage, which is expected to worsen by 2035. Meanwhile, the country plans a road map to offer its people better care facilities. For this purpose Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Keiser University, and the National Association of Hispanics have come together and created an advisory council. The council will work to find out a solution to the nursing staff shortage.

The advisory council is working on some practical ways to fight the tide of shortage of nurses in New Florida. For this, the council is working to speed up the recruitment process to hire and retain nurses. Hospitals, policymakers, educators, healthcare stakeholders, and leaders will play a significant role in the council.

Florida Hospital Association and Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida mentioned in a report in 2021 that the country’s registered nurses’ adequacy will be 91% in 2023. The demand for nurses will be 267,355 when only 243,546 nurses are working. In 2035, the country shall need 322,928 nurses when it may have only 285,542. Accordingly, the adequacy percentage will come down on 88%. The country also had a shortage of nurses before the pandemic in 2019. At that time, Florida was facing a shortage of 11,481 nurses. The nursing schools turned down the applications of 80,000 nursing applicants at that time. The schools were facing a lack of faculty to teach the nursing aspirants. With this announcement, the Florida university nursing program received several donations from people across the state.

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