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London Brings World-Class Healthcare to the GCC in 2024

London is the preferred medical destination for foreign patients looking to advance their complex care needs, as demonstrated by Healthcare London. A consortium of top private healthcare providers and teaching hospitals took the initiative to participate in the Health Tourism Future Forum on April 28, which continued until 30, 2024, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Healthcare London will make its debut at the Riyadh forum alongside its collaborative partners, which included Cleveland Clinic London, King Edward VII’s Hospital, Phoenix Hospital Group, The London Clinic, University College London Hospitals Private Healthcare (NHS unit), and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Private Care (NHS unit). Together, these partners showcased their products for the first time.

They demonstrated, in unison, why London is a top global destination for medical tourism, with its distinctive combination of globally recognized healthcare establishments. A considerable number of international patients, mostly from the Middle East, continue to come to London each year. London is the top destination for medical care for more than 100,000 foreign-born individuals each year, and this number is still growing.

London brings together a renowned community of healthcare experts led by the best medical experts in the world to provide patients from Saudi Arabia and the larger MENA area with unmatched medical treatments and services. With regard to medical advancements, London has led the way in several notable breakthroughs, including modern surgery, and today offers some of the best healthcare in the world.

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The largest concentration of medical and surgical professionals worldwide can be found in London, a multicultural, varied metropolis with a network of teaching and private hospitals. When it comes to meeting the requirements of patients who come to them from all over the world for care, they are ideally situated and have decades of combined experience.

Together, London’s private hospitals offer one of the widest arrays of services accessible in a single location globally, spanning sophisticated diagnostics to the management of intricate ailments. As these technologies become increasingly integrated into the patient pathway, they also keep coming up with innovations in telehealth and the virtual patient experience.

According to the forum, a number of top private healthcare organizations, including well-known NHS teaching hospitals with private patient units, have come together to make it easier for people to receive the high-quality care that London has to offer. 

Now, Healthcare London’s mission is to enable people in search of the best and safest treatment to access and advance their complicated medical requirements in London’s centers of excellence, where they can receive coordinated, multidisciplinary, value-based care.

Healthcare London’s partners are dedicated to imparting knowledge to Saudi professionals via staff exchanges in London and in-country and remote training programs. This program will benefit healthcare locally and globally by improving medical practices and patient care standards. 

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