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How To Get a Nursing Job In Canada From India?

Are you a nursing professional who is looking for an opportunity to move to Canada and work there? Well, this blog is for you, then! Dynamic Health Staff is here for you to help you find the best Nursing jobs for you. As a nurse, moving to Canada gives you the opportunity to work in one of the largest healthcare systems in the world in a supportive environment with a competitive salary.

Growing Demand for Nursing Staff in Canada

The demand for healthcare professionals in Canada has been rising rapidly for more than ten years. Canada also provides permanent visas and comfortable pay for persons seeking to immigrate to Canada as healthcare professionals, making the conditions suitable for nursing staff.

At Dynamic Health Staff, we help you take advantage of Canada’s rising need for nursing personnel to the fullest. Canada has a large need for nurses, and the healthcare industry is listed under NOC 3012 as a vocation. It means that under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program, Indian nurses in Canada are qualified for full permanent residency on both a federal and a provincial nomination basis. 

An individual can apply for a permanent visa to come to Canada once the administrative procedures of registering with the Registered Nurses Association of the Canadian province of their choice and joining the province’s official college of certified nurses are satisfied.

Benefits of Working as a Nursing Professional in Canada

As a nurse in Canada, you get the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading healthcare systems while enjoying comfortable remuneration along with other benefits, including access to social benefits such as Health Care Coverage, the right to live, work and study anywhere in Canada, great working conditions and protection of your life and civil rights under the Canadian law. Canada is both a fantastic as well as an embracing country to live in. The Healthcare sector in Canada is booming, opening up great opportunities for the people willing to work as healthcare professionals in Canada.

Ways to Get a Nursing Job in Canada from India

Dynamic Health Staff assists young, talented, and professional nurses to help them achieve their dreams of getting a nursing job in Canada. One must apply for and pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, research the Canadian provinces that need nurses, then submit an application for the provincial nomination in order to land a nursing position there.

Given that English is not spoken as a first language in India, Indian nurses must additionally take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic exam in addition to the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. One of the most well-known foreign language academic exams is IELTS. 

Your test certificate’s exam score comprises both an overall score and individual scores for each communication ability. The minimum IELTS score needed for Indian nurses to be eligible for permanent residency for nursing jobs in Canada is 6.5 overall, with at least 7 in the speaking component and not less than 6 in any other component. The application includes the IELTS test result as an attachment.

Application for a Canada PR 

The Canadian Immigration for nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses is based on points that your application gets based on its different criteria. In order to qualify for a permanent residency visa for Canada, one needs to reach up to at least 67 points out of a possible 100 points in the application. IELTS score is one of the major components along with age, education, experience, etc. A higher IELTS score increases your chances of approval of your application too.

The points that your application receives based on its various criteria determine whether you qualify for immigration to Canada for nursing jobs for Indian nurses. One needs to reach up to at least 67 points out of 100 points in the application to be eligible for a permanent resident visa for Canada. One of the key factors, along with age, education, experience, etc., is the IELTS score. Your chances of having your application approved also increase with a higher IELTS score.

Reasons To Choose Canada For Your Nursing Career

Canada is a great place for healthcare professionals to work because of all the benefits the country offers to its healthcare professionals. Working as a healthcare professional in Canada allows you to have the ideal combination of a luxurious lifestyle and an interesting job with a high pay. Canada has also been acknowledged as one of the world’s most peaceful nations. In addition to being a great place to live, Canada has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.

You also become eligible for legal benefits like Employment Insurance, the Canada Pension Plan, Workplace Insurance coverage, etc., when you obtain nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses. Canada additionally provides an opportunity. On the basis that their spouse is a working professional in Canada, it enables them to live with their spouse by granting them visa permission. They might also be qualified to work in Canada with a legitimate work permit.

Know how Dynamic Health Staff can help you grab one of the Nursing jobs in Canada for Indian Nurses

It is surely not easy for Indian nurses to land one of the nursing positions in Canada that are in high demand. Although it is a difficult undertaking with many complications, you can easily breeze through the entire hiring process with the right support and advice. Additionally, one cannot afford to make a mistake when it comes to their work!

Dynamic Health Staff is here to assist you in every step that an individual takes to build a better career for yourself. We help you with procedures such as application preparation & submission, documentation assistance, the assistance of immigration professionals,and customized IELTS classes. 

By choosing us you can mitigate the chances of application rejection. If this interests you, reach out to us today at +919810017608



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