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Saudi Arabia’s Healthcare Gets a High-Tech Upgrade

A leader in health technology worldwide, Royal Philips, just released its annual Future Health Index (FHI) 2023 Saudi Arabia report, titled “Taking Healthcare Everywhere.” It is the largest global poll of its type to evaluate the present and future goals of healthcare professionals worldwide. Now in its ninth year, the Future Health Index is based on proprietary research conducted across 14 countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Strong innovation and digital transformation momentum is evident in the Kingdom’s healthcare sector, according to the 2023 Saudi Arabia report. Both younger and more senior healthcare professionals in Saudi Arabia share the same aim of delivering treatment to patients where they are through innovative and novel methods. 

To alleviate personnel shortages and promote sustainability, healthcare executives are increasingly prioritizing the adoption of virtual care and AI technologies, building on the developments of the post-pandemic era. Along with a strong preference for strategic alliances, these achievements highlight a commitment to advancing patient care through cutting-edge and innovative healthcare models, which is a crucial step in the Kingdom’s journey toward Vision 2030.

The 2023 report highlights Saudi Arabia’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare, according to the General Manager of Health Systems, Philips Middle East, Türkiye, and Africa. The country is making significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) as it recognizes the unparalleled potential of virtual care. It is also taking strides to improve and revolutionize patient care by making healthcare more sustainable and realizing the critical role partnerships play in this process. 

Three Primary Areas of Interest

As a means of improving service delivery and boosting operational efficiency, healthcare leaders should concentrate on three key areas, as indicated by the latest FHI 2023 Saudi Arabia report:

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Staff Pressure Reduction Using Digital Technologies

As the key to addressing the labor shortfall, digital health technologies are emerging. The usage of digital health technologies is anticipated by 63% of Saudi Arabian healthcare leaders, suggesting a bright future. The benefits of data portability, sophisticated diagnostics, and cutting-edge AI technologies are also recognized by younger healthcare workers, who believe these will enhance their job happiness. 

In an effort to mitigate the effects of labor shortages, 46% of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare executives are forming alliances with health technology businesses in addition to interacting with NGOs and charitable organizations. The leaders of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare industry are looking to technology in an effort to boost external collaborations and workforce happiness and efficiency. These kinds of investments are critical for drawing and keeping talent, in addition to improving care delivery and cutting costs.

Setting Priorities For Present And Upcoming AI Investments

It is becoming more and more prevalent in Saudi Arabia that the patient comes first. Healthcare executives in Saudi Arabia are leading the way in this change, having invested a significant thirty percent of their budget in new and cutting-edge technologies. Healthcare leaders (57%) and younger healthcare professionals (56%) agree that new care delivery models can improve healthcare by providing more inexpensive treatment or greater value for the money. This is further proof of the trend. 53% of respondents overall indicated that they believed better patient safety was a likely result of new care delivery methods, which emphasizes the positive feelings even more. 

Currently, a startling 77% of leaders—up from 46% in 2022—are utilizing AI, and 73% provide virtual healthcare. A major component of the Kingdom’s Health Sector Transformation Programme is digital technology, particularly AI, which is establishing a standard for future innovation. With a startling 96% of healthcare executives willing to expand their investments in artificial intelligence (AI), up from 66% in 2023, Saudi Arabia will continue to set the standard for healthcare technology. 

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Together To Protect The Environment And Communities

As in the past, Saudi Arabia’s strategic plan for healthcare advancement is based on collaboration within the healthcare sector. It’s worth noting that 38% of executives in the healthcare industry are preparing to establish alliances with healthcare technology firms soon. Conversely, in order to enhance patient outcomes, younger members of the healthcare industry would desire their hospital or healthcare facility to form alliances with organizations outside the traditional boundaries of the industry. 

The younger generation of healthcare professionals in Saudi Arabia, along with the country’s healthcare leaders, present a chance for broader ecosystem collaboration to enhance sustainability amidst climate change. Healthcare executives are using targeted approaches to effectively address the issues posed by the increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability. These consist of establishing specific, aggressive goals for sustainability and tracking their advancement, hiring more personnel with specialized knowledge to carry them out, collaborating with outside parties to implement or support sustainability projects, exchanging best practices and knowledge-sharing with colleagues, and developing partnerships.

As the report points out, the Kingdom is not only adjusting to change but actively influencing the direction of healthcare. The combination of AI integration, sustainability, and a collaborative culture emphasizes the Kingdom’s progressive posture.

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