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WHO to Upgrade Alert on Safety Precautions for Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

WHO to Upgrade Alert on Safety Precautions for Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

The World Health Organization (WHO), on 14th March 2023, released an updated WHO health workforce support and safeguards list 2023 that identifies 55 countries as particularly vulnerable to a shortage of healthcare workers needed to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal objective of universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030.

The COVID-19 effect and extensive service disruptions have sharply increased the demand for health workers from outside. It may harm health systems and impede nations’ efforts to achieve UHC and health security if they lose healthcare professionals to international migration.

Out of the 55 nations, 37 are in the WHO’s African region, 8 are in the Western Pacific, 6 are in the Eastern Mediterranean, 3 are in South-East Asia, and 1 is in the America. The World Health Organization health workforce support and safeguards list 2023 has eight additions since 2020 when it was first published.

Healthcare workers are the backbone of every health system. However, 55 nations of the world’s most fragile health systems lack the necessary resources. Many are losing their health care workers, including nurses, to international migration,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO. 

The World Health Organisation is collaborating with these nations to help them build their health workforce, and we urge all nations to abide by the guidelines in the list of protections and support for the health workforce published by the WHO. The list must be utilized to guide activism, policy discussion at all levels, and funding efforts to boost the health workforce employment and education in these nations.

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The UHC service coverage index is below 55 in the nations on the WHO health workforce support and safeguards list for 2023. The health workforce density is lower than the world median (49 medical physicians, nurses, and midwives per 10,000 people). Along with additional safeguards restricting active international recruitment, these nations need priority support to strengthen their health systems and develop their health workforce.

While the WHO’s health workforce support and safeguard list for 2023 does not outright forbid international hiring, it does suggest that government-to-government agreements on health worker migration:

  • engage Ministries of Health in the implementation of agreements and negotiation; 
  • be guided by analyses of the health labor market; 
  • adopt measures to ensure an adequate supply of health workers in the source countries; 
  • and specify the benefits of the arrangement to the health systems of both the source and destination countries.

WHO advises these protections be applied to all low- and middle-income nations.

The WHO Expert Advisory Group’s assessment of the applicability and efficacy of the WHO Global Code serves as the basis for the 2023 update. The WHO will update the list every three years, with the 2023 release of the most recent edition. 

This topic will be covered during the 5th Global Forum on Human Resources for Healthcare, which will look at the essential investments, multi-sectoral alliances, and policy solutions to address the difficulties facing the health and care workforce and progress health systems towards achieving UHC and health security.

The United Nations General Assembly’s High-Level Meeting on UHC in September 2023 will be informed by the Forum’s conclusions.

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