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What are the Perks of Building your Career in Singapore as a Nurse

What are the Perks of Building your Career in Singapore as a Nurse?

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for international nurses, with the city-state’s robust healthcare system attracting many nurses from around the world. Singapore has a high GDP per capita and excellent infrastructure, which makes it an attractive place for IMGs to work and live. 

Singapore has attracted many international nurse graduates over the years due to its unique combination of factors such as competitive salary, a good education system & job prospects, among others. 

Singapore is a great place to begin if you want to work as a nurse overseas but are still deciding whether to leave your family behind in western nations like the United States or Canada. You can enhance your abilities and career development by joining the many Singapore nurses who have received their training abroad.

Does working in this nation interest you? The following are some benefits of being a professional nurse in Singapore. 

Singapore’s Robust Healthcare System

Singapore has a robust healthcare system, which is why it attracts many international nurses. With a population of over 6 million and a per capita income of over USD 20,000, Singapore is one of the most affordable places in Asia to live and work.

In addition to having strong economic growth, Singapore has also made strides in providing services that support the health needs of its citizens. For example:

  • The country’s healthcare system was ranked first by World Health Organization (WHO) for several years, including the 2017’s edition.
  • Singapore has one doctor per 1000 people; this ratio is among the lowest in developed countries but still highly comparable with other high-income countries such as Germany or Japan.

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Better Working Conditions

Singaporeans are entitled to free healthcare, which includes a publicly financed health system and mandated health insurance. Public healthcare is not free, but patients can easily get it in these facilities. Because Singapore has world-class healthcare standards, working in the medical services industry will expose you to international competition.

It is a perk for nurses working in Singapore. One can surely rest assured if one plans to move to Singapore as a registered nurse. Comparatively, to other countries, it has better working conditions. 

Competitive Pay Scale

Without annual incentives, hazard pay, or other advantages, the average staff nurse in Singapore earns between SGD 2,500 and SGD 3,500 each month. Naturally, one’s specialty and work history must be considered when determining this payment type. Still, Singapore has this as a basic salary for a nurse with a minimum of a year’s experience, which is great. 

Also, the government has provided many incentives for foreign nurses to come to Singapore and work here. In addition, several programs and initiatives support international medical graduates’ career development.

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One of the Safest Places Worldwide 

Singapore takes pride in its efficient administration and law-abiding populace. It is among the factors contributing to culture shock in newly arrived foreign-trained Singapore nurses. There are few minor offenses or crimes in Singapore’s streets and public places, especially late at night. 

The government uses a national ID card with data on all its citizens and residents, which is why this is the case. It implies that any criminal activity, no matter how little or serious, will be permanently noted on your record and impact your ability to obtain employment or advance your career in the nation. 

Easy to Obtain Work Permit

Singapore is always open to hiring skilled individuals to grow its workforce and economy. Obtaining a working visa and residency permit will be simple if you accept an offer from a hospital or healthcare facility. To move forward, you can use the official website. Dynamic Health Staff can assist you at every stage of the procedure, which is relatively easy. 

Easy Access to Good Healthcare Facilities

Easy access to good healthcare facilities is another advantage that attracts international nurses from all over the world. Singapore has many good hospitals, such as Raffles Hospital and Alexandra Hospital, which provide excellent care.

Singapore also has a strong public healthcare system that includes government-funded hospitals and clinics and private clinics with access to modern technology and equipment.

There are also many nursing homes in Singapore offering excellent personal care services for elderly residents who may not be able to live alone or travel around easily due to physical limitations or mental health issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

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Easy to Adapt

Several elements, including linguistic preferences, make it simple to adapt in Singapore. For Indian nurses, the fact that English is spoken widely makes a huge impact. A lavish lifestyle is also possible for nurses in Singapore. Travelers can unwind and experience life at exotic resorts, hotels, and locations. In Singapore, nursing is a highly regarded career that pays well. To continue living comfortably as a nurse and send money home.

Wrapping Up

The healthcare environment in Singapore provides many opportunities for growth for nurses. If you have graduated in nursing and are looking to work in Singapore, the government has many incentives for you. It includes a generous foreign worker program that allows nurses to register as long-term residents or citizens of Singapore, along with other perks such as tax breaks and subsidies on housing. 

Therefore, we have mentioned all the perks you can avail of as a nurse while working in Singapore. We hope this was helpful to you. Also, for more information, you can reach out to us at +919810017608. 
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