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OET Online Classes

What is the OET course all about?

The Occupational English Test is essential to qualify for getting jobs overseas. It is a test for healthcare professionals to check their language skills. Hence, if you wish to apply for nurse jobs in English-speaking countries, then clearing OET is crucial. And the purpose of this test is to assess your language skills. By taking the OET exam, nurses can easily fit into a foreign working environment. Plus, it will give them the confidence to handle patients easily and coordinate with their colleagues.

Besides, OET is the best option for those opting for nursing jobs overseas. It has a higher level of relevance than other English-language exams. And you can contact Dynamic Health Staff for more details and assistance about OET and its preparations.

Which modules are covered in OET?

The OET test tests healthcare professionals' language and communication skills. And the candidates should clear this exam with at least the minimum qualifying score. It includes different parts/modules to examine English proficiency. So, OET is divided into four modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Following is the OET exam test pattern:

  • The listening part is of 50 minutes. It tests the ability of the applicants to understand spoken language skills.

  • In the writing part, you will have 45 minutes. They check your content quality, style, language, layout, and clarity here. However, this part is a bit tough and requires some practice before the exam.

  • The reading part would be of 60 minutes. And this module contains three different parts. So, you will get specific topics of a certain number of words in every part.

  • For the speaking section, you will get 20 minutes. And this section, you will get role-playing exercises to test your communication skills.

Dynamic Health Staff provides complete guidance for OET exams. Hence, you can quickly contact us to learn tips for your OET.

How is OET different from any other language test?

OET and other English-language exams like IELTS are to assess your language skills. But there are some differences between them. So, the general or academic exams test your academic and everyday language skills. On the other hand, OET focuses explicitly on testing the communication skills of healthcare professionals. And it involves real healthcare scenarios to test the English-language skills of the candidates. So, OET has tests for various professions, including medical and nursing.

OET is the first choice for nurse job aspirants. It is one of the most credible exams for those seeking nursing or medical jobs overseas. So, OET more precisely checks your medical English. And there are different versions for different healthcare professionals. Also, the marking or grading system of OET is different from other language exams. However, OET is recognized by the healthcare supervisory in various countries like the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Ukraine, etc.

What is the minimum grade to qualify OET exam?

OET results are accepted in almost every country. But you need to pass the exam with at least a minimum qualifying score. There are specific grade points for nursing aspirants to qualify for the OET test. So, it would be best if you scored given marks or grades in every module of this exam, i.e., listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

The applicant should score at least 350 (grade B) in every section. There are specific grades for the marks you score in this exam. So, every letter grade is mapped with the score range in each part. OET grades are decided on a scale of 0-500 and mapped with grades ranging from A to E. And these grades determine your English-language skill.

 OET Score

 OET Grades













Are online OET classes beneficial?

OET exams are the best for medical professionals. It builds your confidence to work in English-speaking countries. And you can learn the language skills needed in the healthcare field. OET is one of the primary criteria to enter the healthcare sector overseas. Also, not only passing but passing with a good score also matters. Hence, you may need guidance to score the highest in your OET exam. And for the same, online OET classes are very beneficial. Some reasons why you need to opt for OET online classes-

  • An online class for OET preps saves a lot of your time. It lets you study at your own pace from the comfort of your space.

  • Also, you have flexible timing for the classes.

  • You can get various study materials and practice tests that are very useful.

  • Some experts evaluate your performance and guide you to clear your exam quickly. Also, it improves your overall language skills.

Dynamic Health Staff offers the best online training program for OET aspirants. Thus, you can contact us and enroll in our online OET classes and gain the best from us.

Where to rely on for the best OET online classes?


Dynamic Health Staff is a leading and reputed staffing agency. Also, we offer the best platform to prepare for the OET exams. Our experts guide you at every step. And we provide helpful practice sheets, study material, and resources to make it simpler for you to qualify for OET. We have trained experts who have vast experience in this field. Thus, they provide some of the best tips that can help in your final exams. Plus, their guidance will be more useful in your career and boost your English-language skills greatly.

Hence, you can rely on Dynamic Health Staff for the best OET online classes.

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