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Nursing Jobs in UK

The NHS in the UK is one of the best healthcare systems in the world and to keep this healthcare system to be up and running like it is, the NHS needs a lot of healthcare workforce. And this allows the nurses of the rest of the world to be a part of this great healthcare system. Not only does the nursing career in the UK give you a stable financial status but also gives you a chance to live in one of the best countries worldwide.

Are you thinking of getting a nursing job in the UK but confused about its procedure and scope? Here, we are going to make the procedure of getting a job in the UK pretty easy for you.

The procedure of getting nursing jobs in the UK is very straightforward. And with its never-ending requirement of professional health care staff, it becomes an ideal country for aspirant nursing staff. The salary and other benefits offered by the UK's health industry make it an attractive place to work and live.

Here we have compiled detailed information about nursing jobs in the UK, career scope in the job, eligibility to apply, and procedure to get a job. First, let us know the scope of the nursing jobs in UK.

Scope in Nursing Jobs in UK

Vital health infrastructure is one of the basic needs of all the countries around the world. Nursing staff plays an essential role in making a country and its people healthy. The nursing staff works as a link between the patients and doctors. They assist the doctors in major to minor surgeries and treatment procedures. Conveying the doctors about the health of patients is another critical responsibility of nursing.

In the United Kingdom, professional nurses are in demand so that its health care sector can keep functioning correctly. The need for nursing professionals is high, so UK hospitals offer attractive pay to the health staff. The nurses get stable jobs and job security here. If you are a qualified nurse and want to know more nursing jobs in the UK, then scroll down the page to get familiar with the process work in the country as a nurse.

Required Qualification for Nursing Jobs in UK

To work in the UK, you will have to register with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) of the United Kingdom. The college from which you have completed or are pursuing your nursing course must be recognized. Students from reputed and well-known nursing colleges get the chance to work in the UK easily. You can get one from the many nursing jobs in the UK if you have done any one of the following courses:

  • General Nursing & Midwifery Training (GNM)
  • Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery Training (ANM)
  • B.Sc or in Nursing
  • M.Phil in Nursing
  • Ph.D. in Nursing

Along with any mentioned courses, the job seeker must gain work experience of one year as a nurse.

Clear the Language Test

The next step is to clear IELTS or OET to prove your English language skills. The job seeker must score 7 or higher in IELTS and Grade B or higher in OET to apply for a job in the UK. If you could not achieve the required score on the first attempt, you have two more chances to try.

It is the foremost step to work in the UK. There are 4 sections in the OET/IELTS course that one has to pass- reading, writing, listening and speaking English. Healthcare is a sector where proper communication is a must between a patient and the in-house staff. So the nurses must be good with English, the local language in the UK.

Pass the CBT

You will have to go through Computer Based Training (CBT). Here you will have to answer 120-140 MCQs based on nursing. You will get 4 hours to clear the exam. The test will be based on theoretical knowledge, and no practical is required. After passing the CBT, the candidate will become eligible to apply for the NHS health care assistant post.

Document Submission

Now you will have to submit your document to NMC to check if you are eligible for any post available with them. The NMC takes up to 60 working days to make a decision letter, so you will have to wait accordingly. You will also have to submit the documents like an NHS application, police check, reference, and address proof to your agency. The agency will send it to the NHS trust for further processing.

Apply for CoS and Tier 2 Visa

CoS is Certification of Sponsorship. You will get it from your employer. NHS trust acts as a sponsor and release a CoS. CoS is valid for 2 years, and on its completion, you can re-apply for it. Based on this CoS, the applicants can get a tier 2 visa.


Once you arrive in the UK, you will have to take the OSCE exam. OSCE or Objective Structured Clinical Exams are practical exams. The difficulty level of the exam is moderate. You will get three months from the employment date to sit the exam. If somehow you could not clear the exam on the first attempt, you can re-appear in it within a maximum of eight months from the date of issuing your visa.

Identity Check

After clearing the OSCE exam, the candidate will have to go through the identity check. Here you will have to attend the face-to-face identity check. Therefore, it’s a must to bring the original copy of all the previously submitted documents in the interview.

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