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Nursing Jobs in Singapore For Indian Nurses

You can build a successful nursing career in Singapore. The country offers one of the world’s best healthcare facilities for people. International registered nurses are interested in pursuing a career in Singapore. You can live and work more comfortably in the city as a nurse. If you are a registered nurse in India, you have a lot of opportunities to start your career in Singapore. Even some healthcare organizations only hire Indian nurses.


A quick internet search will provide you with thousands of nurse job listings in Singapore. Any candidate who wants to start a nursing job in Singapore can rely on DHS. With years of experience, we are helping to get nursing jobs in Singapore for Indians. Let’s find out why you should consider nursing jobs in Singapore and the process of getting one.

Nursing Jobs in Singapore for Indian Nurses: What to expect

Singapore has a diverse population and is renowned for its healthcare facilities. Many opportunities await you if you can adapt your working style and work professionally. Besides, there is no language barrier to applying for a nursing job in Singapore. The area has 42 percent foreigners, so it is a melting pot of cultures, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and British. This is why many nurses from other countries apply for nursing jobs in Singapore. What more? Have a look

A safe country to Work in and have a safe life.

If you don't know, then let us tell you that Singapore is the 5th least corrupt country in the world. The crime rate is extremely low. It is a major concern of Indian parents that their children can work in a safe environment. And Singapore offers a completely safe environment. Getting the job completely depends on your qualification and experience. All of these make Singapore a suitable place to start our nursing career.

High Salary

Singapore's economic condition and high-quality healthcare facilities make it easy to find a high-paying nursing job. The average salary of a nursing staff job in Singapore is 1800 SGD (109,588.86 Indian Rupee) to 5000 SGD (304,413.50 Indian Rupee). On the other hand, enrolled nurses can expect to get 1500 to 2500 SGD. Which is equivalent to 91,324.05 Indian Rupees to 152,206.75.

Lead a comfortable life

You can lead a luxurious life in Singapore while working as a nurse. There are exotic resorts, hotels and travel destinations to relax and taste life. Nursing is a very reputable job in Singapore with a high salary. So you can send money home and still lead a comfortable life as a nurse.

Getting a work permit and resident permit is quite simple.

Singapore always welcomes qualified people to work and boost their economy. Getting a working visa and residency permit will be easy if you get an offer from a hospital or health care center. You can use the government website to start the way forward. The process is not too complicated, and DHS can help you with every step. In addition, you can complete the entire process in a shorter amount of time than in Europe.

Nursing Jobs in Singapore for Indian Nurses: How to get started

Getting a nursing job in Singapore for Indian Nurses is not complicated. All you need to look for job openings for nursing positions. You can also use our website to get the latest opening listings and the requirements to apply for the job. You can directly send your resume or take help from us to send your resume. After you get selected, you will be called for an interview. After passing the interview, you may need to go through several tests. 


The test includes oral tests, written exams (depending on the job requirements), and, finally, you have to face the SNB exam. They will send you the offer letter if you can pass all the exams. Once you get the offer letter, the next procedure is simple, and you can quickly start your career in Singapore.

What is SNB License Exam?

As we mentioned before, to get started in your career as a nurse in Singapore, you have to pass the SNB license exam. The full form of SNB is Singapore Nursing Council. The authority provides an SNB license after you pass the exam. In Singapore, qualified nurses are approved to begin their careers. The most amazing fact is that if you have an SNB certificate, you can migrate to other countries too. Having an SNB license helps you to start a job in countries like the United Kingdom, Newzealand and Ireland. It only takes 15 days to one month after you attend the exam.


Once you pass the exam, you can apply for work in the country. After getting the work pas, you can apply for Visa. The Visa process will only take one to two months. During the Visa processing, the authority will examine your documents. After getting the Visa, you can travel to Singapore. Most of the time, the organization where the candidate will work pays for the candidate's airfare. It takes approximately three to four months for those interested in working in Singapore.

How can we help to get nursing jobs in Singapore for Indian nurses?

Dynamic Health Staff can make the whole process of applying for nursing jobs in Singapore smooth and easy.  We can guide you if you're preparing for an interview or taking your SNB license exam. Our team consists of qualified and experienced people who are friendly and cooperative. With an almost 100% success rate, we are helping the people of India to get their dream job. A leading human resource provider in India, we are the one-stop solution for Indian nurses looking for nursing jobs in Singapore. Our company can help you to get the right job according to your needs. Build a successful nursing career in Singapore with us.  You can count on us to provide solutions that meet your requirements. 

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Dynamic Health Staff has been instrumental in helping me secure a job in the healthcare industry in Singapore. I wasn’t getting a proper way how to start my journey. Then I got to know about this company. Their guidance with the documentation and mobilization process made it a seamless experience for me. I highly recommend this company for healthcare professionals looking to start their international career.

- Aashvi

I am grateful to DHS for their excellent services in helping me secure a job in Singapore as Surgical Assistant Registered Nurse. Their professionalism and dedication toward their clients are commendable. From initial screening to post-placement follow-up, their team has always been there to guide and support me. Their services are highly recommended to anyone looking for a job in the healthcare industry. They are really opening Singapore nursing jobs for Indian nurses."

- Lakshmi

Dynamic Health Staff has been a great partner in my recruitment process. Their vast network of highly experienced healthcare professionals and nursing staff has helped me find the right candidates for our organization. Their well-managed process ensures a smooth hiring experience.

- Uma Kureshi

After working in India, I decided to explore job opportunities in Singapore. But the process of finding a job in a foreign country seemed daunting to me. That's when I came across this organization, a recruitment agency that specialized in placing healthcare professionals in various countries. I decided to reach out to them, and I was impressed with their professionalism and expertise.
Dynamic Health Staff began the process of shortlisting hospitals that would be a good fit for my skills and experience. They arranged interviews with top hospitals in Singapore and ensured I was well-prepared. I was nervous about the interviews, but their guidance and support made me feel confident. They gave me valuable tips on how to impress the interviewers and what questions to expect. I couldn't have done it without the help of this agency. They truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals. I would highly recommend them to any nurse looking for job opportunities abroad."

- Veena

I had a fantastic experience working with Dynamic Health Staff (DHS). As a fresh nursing graduate, I was unsure about the entire process of finding a job in Singapore. But they made the process effortless and straightforward. Their team guided me throughout, from preparing my CV to arranging interviews with top hospitals in Singapore. Thanks to their efforts, I landed my dream job in Singapore, and I couldn't be happier. Now I am working as a Home Care nurse in Singapore. I highly recommend to anyone looking for nursing job opportunities abroad.

- Saumya

I am grateful to DHS - Dynamic Health Staff for helping me kickstart my international career. Their Dynamic Academy training program provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the healthcare industry. I wanted to work in Singapore from the beginning of my career. But for a beginner like me who has come from a very small village, is quite difficult to understand everything. Even I didn’t know that you need to attend the SNB exam to work in Singapore. From preparing me for the exam to processing all the documents, they help me in each and every aspect. Their team also helped me secure a job in Singapore, and their support throughout the entire process was exceptional. My dream came true when they helped me find Singapore nursing jobs for Indian nurses. I really suggest this reputed organization for young and talented healthcare professionals looking to pursue their careers abroad.

- Mira Gosh

Dynamic health staff, delhi has been our go-to partner for recruitment and staffing needs in the healthcare industry. Their team is highly responsive and always provides us with quality candidates. They deeply understand our requirements and always go above and beyond to ensure that we get the right fit for our organization. My friend told me about them, and at first, I didn't believe that I could also get a nursing job in Singapore. But guess what, I have been working in Singapore for three months. All credit goes to this organization. They are really helpful in finding me a job. Not only that, but I also work with them to prepare for the SNB exam. If you don't know where to start, just like me, don't worry. Give a try to this organization.

- Sarika Kumari

I had been struggling to find a suitable job opportunity in Singapore for months before I came across DHS (Delhi). Their team of experts guided me through the entire recruitment process, from the initial screening to the final interview with the hospital. Their professionalism and dedication to their work were truly impressive, and I was able to land my dream job in no time. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to start their nursing career in Singapore. A great platform to get Singapore nursing jobs for nurses.

- Kiyana Patel

I had been working as a nurse in India for many years before I decided to explore job opportunities abroad. I had heard a lot about the opportunities available in Singapore but didn't know where to start. That's when I reached out to Dynamic Health Staff (Dwarka), and I must say I was not disappointed. Their team of experts took care of everything from arranging interviews to guiding me through the visa application process. They made the entire process seamless and hassle-free. Try it, if you're also struggling to get a job in Singapore and aren't sure what to do.

- Kajal Agarwal

I am thrilled to have worked with Dynamic Health Staff, Dwarka for my nursing job in Singapore. They have a highly efficient and professional team that knows the healthcare industry inside out. The team's knowledge and expertise helped me secure a job in a prestigious hospital in Singapore within a short period. I was impressed with their dedication and commitment towards their clients, and I would undoubtedly recommend DHS to anyone looking for nursing job opportunities overseas.

- Meera Das


Frequently Answered Questions

Yes, of course, you can start your career in Singapore as a nurse. If you have the qualification and pass the SNB exam, you can work as a nurse in Singapore. However, you must be offered a position with a healthcare organization before applying for the SNB exam. We are helping throughout the process of getting nursing jobs in Singapore for Indians.

Yes, Singapore is a good place for nurses. There are many jobs available for nurses because Singapore has an aging population that needs healthcare. Nurses in Singapore can earn competitive salaries that can support the high. Nurses in Singapore can work in a safe and stable environment with a low crime rate and excellent infrastructure. Singapore provides a high quality of life and an attractive environment for nurses looking to pursue their career.

Singapore nursing salaries vary depending on their experience, qualifications, and the healthcare institution they work for. According to recent, registered nurses earned SGD 4,500 per month in 2021.

Converting this amount to Indian rupees is approximately 1 SGD = 55.63 INR. The median monthly salary of a registered nurse in Singapore would be around INR 2,50,935. However, it's important to note the salary for nursing Jobs in Singapore for Indian nurses can vary.

There is no exact answer of the question. It mainly depends on the agreement with the health care center you are working with.

Employees covered by Collective Agreements are restricted to 38 to 42 hours per week. Overtime pay is available to those who work more than the required hours. Besides, you have the option to choose in different shifts.

You have to pass SNB exam to work as a nurse in Singapore. Both locals and international nurses who want to practice in Singapore have to pass the exam. Nurses who pass this test will be registered with the Singapore nursing council and eligible to work there. Dynamic Health Staff can help you understand everything about the SNB exam if you do not have a clear understanding. From registering to the preparation of the exam, we can help in every sector.

There is no doubt that if you wish to work as a nurse in Singapore, you will be required to take the IELTS exam. Singapore is a place where people from all over the world come to get higher treatment and a better standard of living. You need a good command of the English language in order to communicate with them. In order to apply for nursing jobs in Singapore, you need to attend IELTS exam before applying.

Nurses are in high demand in Singapore. Therefore, if you want to start a successful career as a nurse, you can apply for nursing jobs in Singapore. There is a shortage of quality nurses in Singapore, especially after the current covid situation. Besides, both government and private jobs are available. Depending on the field in which you are working, you could apply for any suitable position which is suitable for you. Besides that, you have the opportunity to earn a higher degree while working as a nurse in Singapore. Our experts at Dynamic Health Staff can help you to get suitable nursing jobs in Singapore for Indian nurses.

Count on us if you want to start a nursing career in Singapore. You can depend on our experts for all the information and guidance you need to start your career. You can also use our website to get the latest news about nurse jobs in Singapore through our job portal. You can get help in every section of the process, from applying to preparing from us.

In general, processing takes four (4) weeks when the documentation is complete and in order. During peak periods, SNB may need more time to review a complex case or if no documents are submitted. Be sure that your documents are ready to be submitted and that your IELTS score is good.

Yes, you can attend the NCLEX exam in Singapore. The full form of NCLEX-RN is National Council Licensure Examination [for] Registered Nurses (RN).

As the only NCLEX application center in Singapore, NEAC Singapore is operated by Kababayan. The NEAC Nurse Exam Application Center assists international nurses in preparing for their NCLEX exam. If you can pass the exam you will get license to work as nurse in US and Canada. Which is a great opportunity for the nurses who wish to advance their careers.

A minimum of five years of clinical nursing practice in your country of origin.If you are applying from India, you must have a valid id nursing degree. Obtain a job offer from an inpatient healthcare facility in Singapore. After that, you, can apply for SNB exam. If you pass the exam, you can start your journey.

Working as a nurse in Singapore is an enjoyable experience. With a safe and friendly working environment, nursing can be rewarding in Singapore. You will find proper wages and opportunities in the country as a nurse. Besides, there is a high demand of nurses in Singapore after the pandemic. Contact Dynamic Health Staff if you want to build a successful nursing career in Singapore.


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