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Nursing jobs in Qatar

Are you a young nursing professional looking for an opportunity to expand your career and earn more than twice your present income? Well, you are the right place! We, at Dynamic Health Staff, are here to help you find the best nursing jobs in Qatar. Qatar is one of the wealthiest economies of the world with highest per capita income which is continuously at a rise along with a well-established healthcare industry and that’s what makes Qatar a preferred destination for health professionals from countries like India.

Here’s all that you need to know about Qatar!

If you are planning to move out for nursing jobs in Qatar, here are a few things about Qatar that you must know. Qatar is a small country yet one of the richest countries across the world with a relatively small population of about 2.88 million people. The country is known for its largest natural gas and oil reserves which is also one of the major factors of Qatar being the wealthiest country. Unlike Saudi Arabia, it is more liberal as sale and consumption of liquor is not illegal in Qatar. Also, plenty of beaches, malls, gardens, resorts, shopping centres and a lively nightlife makes Qatar a beautiful and comfortable place to live in. The weather like most of the middle east countries is desert like climate with high temperatures reaching up to 45° C during summers.

Know all that you need to do to grab Nursing Jobs in Qatar!

In order to grab a nursing job in Qatar, you need to start by registering as a general practitioner by applying online for evaluation with complete submission of the application with all the required documents. Then follow up will require you to pay the fee. Your application will then be reviewed by the employer’s representative. Once verified, your application will be approved and you will receive a preliminary evaluation and CID letter. If your application is not verified at this stage, you may be called for an interview by the employer’s representative for verification. Our experts at Dynamic Health Staff are here to assist you in every step that you take to build a better career for yourself. We ensure that you don’t miss out on anything to get your application approved in the first place.

Scope of Practice for Nursing Jobs in Qatar

Nursing jobs in Qatar have a wide scope of practice for every nursing professional along with plenty of opportunities to grow. Nursing jobs in Qatar are classified in different categories such as Registered General Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Educator, Nurse practitioner, Nurse Trainee and Midwife. All of these have their specific different requirements such as a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a master’s degree of postgraduate or PHD in nursing.

Challenges that you may face working as a Nursing Professional in Qatar

While Qatar is a beautiful and comfortable place to live in with handsome pay and good standard of living for working healthcare professionals, there are still a few things that you may take time to adjust with like hot weather, language barrier as you must know Arabic in order to move to Qatar and must not forget, it is an expensive place to live in.

Additionally, there are some basic lifestyle changes that you will have to adopt in order to live there. It includes, dressing up modestly in public places, public display of love and affection is strictly prohibited, you will require permission from your employer if you want to buy a car, take loan, rent an apartment and to travel abroad, no alcohol consumption in public places though alcohol is not completely banned in Qatar, but you will require a permission letter from your employer for this too.

Know how to get a temporary license to work as a Nurse in Qatar

Securing a temporary license to move to Qatar as a nursing professional is quite a simple process. One can simply begin from applying online for a ‘temporary license’, complete and submit the application request with all the required documents. Once you submit the application, the registration section will check the request and send back with comments if found incomplete. The request will appear on your page. However, with the best consultants from Dynamic Health Staff, you can simply complete your application form for temporary license in one go and your application is most likely to be approved and the registration section will issue a non-renewable temporary license which will be valid for 6 months.

Know What Makes Getting Nursing Jobs In Qatar A Great Idea!

Getting one of the nursing jobs in Qatar or working in Qatar as a nursing professional gives you an extraordinary shift and a real boost to your career. The place offers many jobs for skilled, aspiring, and dedicated nursing professionals with handsome packages and other facilities like accommodation and a stress-free working environment.

A famous saying about Qatar is that Qatar is like a home away from home because it is one of the safest countries with a very low crime rate. The general vibe of the place is relaxing, with a majority of the people being humble, affectionate, and polite. Also, the expatriate community in Qatar forms a considerable part of their population, approximately 50%. So, you are very likely to meet people from different parts of the world while working as a healthcare professional in Qatar.

Being one of the wealthiest economies in the world, you also enjoy a great standard of living while working as a nursing professional in Qatar.

Know How to Become A Licensed Nurse and Apply For Nursing Jobs in Qatar

In order to apply for nursing jobs in Qatar, the preliminary requirement is a bachelor’s degree in nursing. With a minimum of eligibility criteria, you need to register yourself online with the Qatar Council for Healthcare practitioners (QCHP). For registration, other than your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you will also require to submit additional documents like your school credentials, PRC, and your updated resume with your achievements. The next step will be to appear for the Qatar Prometric Licencing exam for healthcare professionals. Passing this exam is not necessary, but it gives you an upper edge over other applicants. The Qatar Council of Health care professionals will review your application. Upon verification of the documents and information you provide, you will be granted a nursing license from the Qatar Council for healthcare practitioners. On obtaining a permit from the QCHP, you will be required to apply in private hospitals, clinics, or healthcare facilities.

Know How Dynamic Health Staff Can Help You Get One of the Nursing Jobs in Qatar

Experts at Dynamic Health Staff are your friend and guide in the process of landing you one of the best nursing jobs in Qatar, or for that matter, in any other country that you dream of. At Dynamic Health Staff, we are a team of experts and professionals spread over 24 countries to fulfil the dreams of individuals and assist them in landing their dream job. Using their skills, experience, and vast network, our professionals ensure that our clients and customers never turn out to be disappointed.

We are one of the most promising human resource providers in the health care sector. Also, we take pride in the optimum reviews and ratings we have received from our customers and clients who have greatly benefitted from our services and are now working in their dream countries. So, if you, too, are an aspiring individual willing to go overseas or looking for better opportunities, Dynamic Health Staff is there to assist you in making your dream of today a reality of tomorrow.

Experience that you are likely to gain if you get Nursing jobs in Qatar

Qatar as a country is home to the second largest expatriate community in the world. While working as a nursing professional in Qatar, you are likely to work in a cultural mosaic with a diverse community of people worldwide.

Opulent beaches, serene desert, landscapes and a mind boggling culinary experience makes life in Qatar a fascinating experience because the place has a lot to offer.

Other than that, the country follows Islamic culture. It is a country that is booming with development but has not forgotten its roots as it carries immense faith in Islam, which is also the official religion of this country and at the same time, the government does not impose any restrictions on the religious identity of its, citizens, residents etc. The law in Qatar believes in religious freedom as a necessity, and the society practices a high level of tolerance for other religions. However, disrespecting the religion of Qatar and people’s faith towards it is highly unacceptable.

What mainly makes the aspiring candidates fascinated about nursing jobs in Qatar are the opportunities and lifestyles that the country offers to its expatriate community. In fact, it is a country that is rated amongst the best when it comes to providing a quality life to its expat community. Generally, in Qatar, people lead a luxurious life and get things done on time.

Is knowing Arabic a mandatory requirement to get Nursing Jobs in Qatar?

It is a general misconception that knowing Arabic is a mandatory requirement to work as a healthcare professional in Qatar. However, it is not!

The healthcare service in Qatar is open for citizens, residents and visitors to issue a professional nursing license to work in the Qatar medical sector. The healthcare sector in Qatar does not require or expect its expatriate community to speak Arabic as in all professional dealings, English is widely spoken.

However, Arabic skills or essential learning of the Arabic language can be beneficial for expatriates in daily life. It makes dealings in everyday chores much simpler while you live in Qatar. And that is why, a lot of expatriates learn Arabic to get into Nursing Jobs in Qatar, even though it is not a mandatory requirement.

Local laws in Qatar that you must know before you land in one of the Nursing Jobs in Qatar

Here is a list of some of the local laws in Qatar that you must be aware of and abide by to avoid severe penalties. The local laws and customs in Qatar reflect the fact that it is an Islamic country.

  • Firstly, there is zero-tolerance for drugs in Qatar.
  • Alcohol consumption or to be drunk in public is an offence. However, alcohol is not completely banned in Qatar. It is available at licensed hotels, restaurants and bars.
  • Photography and videography in public areas are strictly prohibited. Even journalists require a special permit from Qatar News Agency (QTA).
  • Swearing and making gestures in public are considered obscene acts and are punishable.
  • Intimacy in public places is strictly prohibited.
  • Importing drugs. Alcohol, pornography, pork products, and religious books and material is illegal.
  • Lastly, you are supposed to dress modestly in public or you may be denied entry in public places.
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Frequently Answered Questions

A nursing job in Qatar is well-coveted and high in demand owing to a multitude of reasons. Qatar being a small yet rich country has the capability to afford decent living conditions for most of its citizens. The country has been keen on recruiting skilled and dedicated nursing professionals, endowing them with handsome pay packages and stress-free work environments. The people are humble and friendly and the society is disciplined leading to extremely low crime rates, a major plus point for women seeking to pursue a nursing job in Qatar. Apart from this, nursing jobs in Qatar are classified into well-defined categories with specific eligibility criteria that make them more accessible while widening the scope for practice.

Dynamic Health Staff is one of the world’s top ranked human resource agencies. Our team of well trained experts can not only help you look for jobs well suited to your profile by providing you with an array of options, but help you understand the intricacies involved in the application process as well. You will be entitled to step-by-step guidance from our trained professionals including documentation, mobilizing, shortlisting, interviewing, that is sure to land you in the job of your dreams. With our vast network across the globe, you can trust us for all your job related needs in the healthcare industry.

Nursing vacancy in Qatar is differentiated into several categories. The preliminary requirement, however, is to secure a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited university. Thereafter, you can either choose to be registered as a general nurse, a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse educator, practitioner, trainee and so on. The eligibility criteria for these positions vary from a bachelor’s degree to master’s degree or even postgraduate or PhD in nursing. You may start off by registering yourself as a general practitioner upon obtaining the QHCP(Qatar Health Care Practitioners) license or simply begin by applying for a temporary license. You may choose to sit for the Qatar Prometric Licensing Exam for healthcare that will give you an edge over other candidates while climbing the professional ladder.

Nursing vacancy in Qatar has been following an upward trend. As the country is inclined towards establishing a robust healthcare infrastructure, nursing vacancies with handsome pay packages are on the rise. Nursing jobs are categorized into distinctive portfolios that make the application process transparent and less cumbersome while offering an array of opportunities for different levels of educational qualifications. Apart from lucrative pay packages, the jobs also offer a relatively stress free ecosystem which, when coupled with the low-crime rate of the city makes it a favourite amongst women to begin their professional nursing journey from Qatar.

Qatar being an Islamic State is extremely stringent when it comes to abiding by the local and cultural rules. The code of conduct is to be strictly adhered to and there is a list of prohibited activities that one must be aware of before considering Qatar as their work destination. Photography, swearing, intimacy in public, drugs, etc. are strictly prohibited. One might find it challenging adapting to some of these rules, but again, the facilities offered make it a no-brainer for most healthcare professionals while seeking out jobs in Qatar.

The salary of a nursing job in Qatar depends on many factors. This salary scale changes according to years of experience, academic credentials, and institutional policies. In Doha, Qatar, the average monthly wage for a registered nurse is QAR 8,338. Other cities may have different amounts. The registered staff receives additional compensation of between 1000 and 3000 QAR.

In Qatar, not all institutions have the same salary margin. Registered nurses are paid QAR 8,975 by the renowned medical center Hamad Medical, whereas Sidra Medicine pays its staff members QAR 12,000 per month. The salary of Qatar nursing jobs also varies according to years of experience. By the time they reach ten years of experience, a person's compensation often doubles from what it was at the beginning. Consequently, as you gain experience, your compensation margin will rise.

The highly developed healthcare system in Qatar has given immigrant workers lots of opportunities. They provide the nursing industry with lucrative career opportunities and benefits.

Qatar is regarded as one of the richest nations in the world, with a sizable population and a consistently expanding economy. In Qatar, there is a great demand for nurses. They want to offer their residents the best possible healthcare. In addition, they have developed numerous private clinics and hospitals where female employees may easily accommodate and get a respectable salary.

It's not easy for everyone to work overseas alone. You must adapt to the circumstances and surroundings of that foreign location. Therefore, you must consider the job's suitability and the country's culture before applying for a job abroad. In a new place, you'll undoubtedly have some exciting experiences in a new home, but things will sometimes be different.

If the culture and lifestyles in that country go against your comfort zone, it may occasionally take effort for you to survive. So, you must choose your location after thoroughly researching that nation.

Qatar nursing Jobs can be an excellent choice for female workers seeking worldwide jobs. This is a tremendously wealthy nation, and its economy is expanding quickly. The administration's laws and rules are generally well-implemented. Anyone from anywhere in the world may adapt to the culture of this nation. In this country, working as a nurse can be a pleasant experience. This is why:

Opportunity to enjoy employee benefits:
Qatar is becoming a place of huge interest in the nursing job sector. They offer higher salaries as well as additional advantages for employees, like free accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, and other facilities. Many of these factors make nursing a top priority for female employees in Qatar.

Guaranteed Job Security:
There is a high demand for nurses in Qatar. Qatar's Government wants to provide the best healthcare facilities to its citizens. As a result, they offer plenty of nursing jobs in their country with high salaries. Skilled and experienced nursing professionals get high rewards and compensation. If you are willing to establish your career overseas in the nursing sector and ensure job security, Qatar is one of the best choices.

Earn a tax-free handsome salary:
As there is no tax on individual salaries in Qatar, this is the most efficient approach. Whether a worker is a citizen of Qatar or not, they will all receive the same benefits. This approach is quite accommodating for foreign workers in Qatar. They can contribute to their family and save a significant amount of money.

Possibility of employment at a premier medical facility:
The Qatari government has already done an outstanding job in its healthcare system. Furthermore, they ensure superior facilities and the job security of the healthcare staff.

You can, indeed. A bachelor's degree in nursing is the minimum requirement for applying for a nursing job in Qatar. Your B. Sc. in the nursing degree must be obtained from an accredited institution. You must also submit your most updated CV, PRC, and school credentials. Your extracurricular achievements can be attached. Following all submissions, you must attend Qatar's Prometric Licensing Test.

The Qatar Council of Health Care Professionals will assess your application once you have completed all the criteria. A nursing license will be issued to you by the council of Qatar Healthcare Practitioners. Now it’s the right time to apply to several private hospitals or clinics for Qatar nursing jobs.

A career in nursing is a great choice if you want a challenging life. All across the world, this occupation is highly regarded. Moreover, it is a noble profession. Every day, a nurse must handle difficult situations. Nurses have a humanitarian role in a sick person's health progress. You'll be able to experience circumstances and different challenges in this occupation.

Aside from this, nurses are compensated with high salaries and other benefits. Students are ready to enter the nursing field after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). All around the world, there is a tremendous demand for qualified, experienced nurses. So, choosing a career in nursing makes sense for someone looking for a stable job with the ability to help people. For working overseas, follow the Dynamic Health Staff as a guide.

Yes, it is available. Though minimum years of experience can give you a little edge, you can apply for a Qatar Nursing job with a bachelor in nursing degree. The applicants must obtain a B.Sc degree from a registered institution. Additionally, you will need your school credentials and PRC. Many world-class hospitals in Qatar offer skilled nurses from all over the world. If you're looking for a career without experience, you can search online for medical organisations hiring people with no experience. Dynamic Health Staff are incredibly courteous and promising to help you prepare your application and accomplish your objective.


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