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Nursing jobs in Kuwait

If you are a young, talented and aspiring nursing professional who is looking for better job opportunities across the seas, then you are at the right place! We, at Dynamic Health Staff, are here to help you find the best nursing jobs in Kuwait and build a career for yourself that you aspire for.

Kuwait and its Indian Expat Community!

Kuwait is an oil rich tiny country located in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf sharing its borders from Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It’s strategic location and massive oil reserves makes it one of the richest countries in the world.

The Indian expatriate community is the largest expat group in Kuwait. The country has a population of 4.3 million with around 70% expat population. According to 2018 data by the Indian embassy in Kuwait, there are about 28,000 Indians working for the Kuwaiti government in various jobs like nurses, engineers and a few scientists and about 7 lakh Indians deployed in private sectors, are students or are in other commercial activities. However, in 2020, the Kuwaiti government introduced a bill to limit the number of expats in the country which aims to reduce Indians working in Kuwait which will also limit the number of opportunities for nursing jobs in Kuwait.

But, with your skills and our expert guidance, you can still land in well-paying nursing jobs in Kuwait.

Know how to apply for nursing jobs in Kuwait and obtain a valid residence on your passport

In order to apply for nursing jobs in Kuwait, you must have obtained a scientific certificate in nursing from an accredited institute with a minimum 3 years period of study and at least 1 year of field experience. The applicant must not be younger than 21 years of age and must be medically fit for work. If you fall within the above requirements, you are eligible to apply for nursing jobs in Kuwait with the Medical Licence Department of the Ministry of Health, Kuwait.

Your submitted application will be verified by the Medical Licence Committee or you may be called for an interview for verification. Before joining, you will also undergo a medical fitness check up in order to obtain a valid residence on the passport and you will be asked to pay the due fees to obtain the licence. One can also apply for an E visa by simply filling in the E visa application along with the required details and documents.

We, at Dynamic Health Staff are here to assist you in all that you need to get your application approved in one go. We make sure you don’t miss out on any intricacies involved.

Challenges you may face working as a nursing professional in Kuwait

If you are planning to grab one nursing job in Kuwait, here are a few significant things that you must know before you move to your destination. Weather in Kuwait is largely summer, like most of the middle east countries. In order to live and work as a nursing professional in Kuwait you must know Arabic language. Alcohol, beef, pork, pigs, pigskin products such as wallets, handbags are strictly not allowed in Kuwait. Lastly, Kuwait is a Muslim country, which expects you to not violate any local traditions, customs, law and religion at all times. It is always wise to be aware of the general laws of the country and acknowledge the fact that if you violate any of the law, you may land yourself in trouble.

Perks Of Getting One of the Nursing Jobs in Kuwait

Getting one of the nursing jobs in Kuwait can be highly beneficial in various ways, but what makes Kuwait a great choice to work as a healthcare professional is its monetary benefits. The Kuwaiti government offers a handsome package to its healthcare professionals along with other benefits. Also, you get to earn a higher income, and the Kuwaiti government charges zero taxes on the salary of healthcare professionals, which leads to additional savings in your income. Moreover, with a comparatively lower cost of living, one can easily lead a comfortable life.

Other than monetary benefits, the place is also known for lesser work pressure as the general culture of Kuwait is relaxing. Overwork, late-night shifts, and facing extreme work pressure are exceptions rather than rules in Kuwait. Also, many healthcare centers, clinics, and hospitals provide an optimum number of paid leaves to their healthcare professionals.

The country is also more liberal in comparison to other Gulf Arab countries. It is a semi-democratic country with a hybrid political system with both elected parliament and appointed government dedicated to the welfare of its people. Kuwait is also a country known for its lowest unemployment rate across the world.

So, if you are looking for a boost in your career as a healthcare professional, grabbing one of the nursing jobs in Kuwait is the right choice for you!

Know How Dynamic Health Staff Can Help You get a Nursing Job in Kuwait

We at Dynamic Health Staff are known to deliver over 3 lakh promises in over 24 countries. We are a massive team of experts and professionals who help you in landing your dream job. Our experts personally assist you in everything, starting from looking for a job based on your preference like pay scale, location, etc., filing an application for the job that you desire, looking over qualifications and other requirements, if any. We even help you with filling out the visa application, applying for the visa, getting your permit approved in the first attempt, preparing you for an interview along with other qualifying tests to ensure that you land in one of the high paying nursing jobs in Kuwait.

We aim to build the lives of aspiring individuals by providing exciting employment opportunities in their dream countries. We use our vast network to assist healthcare professionals who wish to give a boost to their careers. So, if you, too, are a professional nurse willing to boost your career, then here is the right opportunity for you to grab.

We at Dynamic Health Staff can help you grab a high-paying nursing job across the seas. We are one of the most trusted and the most promising human resource providers in the healthcare sector across the globe. We have helped lakhs of people in getting their dream job.

So, if you too are willing to fulfill your dream of getting one of the nursing jobs in Kuwait, get in touch with experts at Dynamic Health Staff today!

Here is what you can expect on getting one of the Nursing jobs in Kuwait

If you are fortunate enough to grab one of the high paying Nursing jobs in Kuwait, prepare yourself to witness a definite career boost in income! Kuwait is a small country with a recorded GDP of 23 billion US Dollars in 2015. It is a country with a wealthy economy that mainly relies on the country’s immense oil resources. Skilled expatriates are in high demand in the country’s booming economy. Still, the fact that the government does not offer citizenship to expats irrespective of how long they remain a resident in Kuwait remains a backdrop.

Generally, expatriates except those who are nationals of other gulf countries require a work permit before they take up any employment in Kuwait. Work permits are issued once the expat has a valid employment offer.

Once you get employed in Kuwait as a nursing professional in any hospital, healthcare centre, clinic, private or government, your employer functions as a sponsor and becomes responsible for you as long as you are a resident in Kuwait and is also held liable if you violate any regulations.

Other than that, expatriates in Kuwait do not have access to public health care. However, in recent years there have been attempts to provide health care insurance to expatriates.

The income that you earn while working in Kuwait is a tax-free income. You have to pay no personal taxes on the entire income that you earn while working as a nursing professional in Kuwait. However, the general policies in Kuwait are to promote and encourage the locals and citizens in significant positions in various jobs.

Know about the MOH exam for Nursing jobs in Kuwait

If you are an aspiring nursing professional seeking to work in Kuwait, other than your degree certificate and experience, you will also be required to appear for the MOH (Ministry of Health) examination in order to get qualified to get one of the Nursing jobs in Kuwait.

For the MOH examination, there is no suggestive syllabus to be followed. But generally, the trend that is being followed is that the examination is conducted based on the specialty of nurses. MOH examination is an objective type of exam that is conducted online. A candidate can appear for MOH examination three times only; if rejected, a candidate will be disqualified for any Ministry of Health in Kuwait or private. In other words, you can only apply for Nursing jobs in Kuwait thrice in your nursing career.

To be eligible to appear for the MOH examination, nurses must have a Diploma or Degree in nursing along with the registration in their home country and a minimum of 5 months of post-registration experience. The fee for the MOH exam is approximately Rs 7000/- An aspiring candidate has to register oneself with the Ministry of Health before the exam.

We, at Dynamic Health Staff offer specialized courses for aspiring candidates to prepare for the MOH examination. So, get in touch with us today and prepare yourself to get one of the best high paying nursing jobs in Kuwait.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff?

We are known to be the best human resource providers across the country. With over 40 years of experience and our expertise, we ensure you a bright career ahead that you aspire for!

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- Afreen


Frequently Answered Questions

In order to grab a nursing job in Kuwait, other than qualifying for a professional degree course in nursing, the aspiring candidates are also required to appear for the Ministry of Health (MOH) examination or the Kuwait nursing licensing test. The MOH examination is a qualifying objective type examination conducted in online mode with no prescriptive syllabus in the area of nursing specialist of the candidates appearing.

The candidates seeking to appear for the MOH examination in search of a fine paying nursing job in Kuwait must possess a diploma or degree in nursing along with a minimum of 5 months post-registration experience. We, at Dynamic Health Staff, offer our customers end to end services to reach their final goal of getting their dream job. To fulfil our aim, we have taken a step ahead to bring in professionals to teach and train them for competitive exams as well as interviews.

We offer specialised nursing courses to appear for the Ministry of health examination in Kuwait. So, to prepare yourself for the qualifying exam or to know more, get in touch with experts at Dynamic Health Staff today.

Yes, to be considered for a job role in the Medical License Department, Ministry of Health in Kuwait you need at least one year of field experience. Apart from this, some other eligibility criteria include a scientific certificate in nursing obtained from an accredited institute with a minimum of three years of study. The applicant should not be below 21 years of age and must be medically fit to work.

Yes, indeed. Knowing the Arabic Language is a must to work in Kuwait. Kuwait is a predominantly Islamic country with a deep sense of reverence for its ethnicity and indigenousness. Also, since the majority of the citizens prefer conversing with Arabic, it becomes imperative to know the Arabic language while applying for nursing vacancies in Kuwait.

Apart from a professional nursing degree, the candidate needs to carry at least one year of field experience as a nurse. The professional nursing degree must be obtained from an accredited institute with a minimum of three years of study. Apart from this, the candidate must know the Arabic language and be prepared to live life respecting the local traditions and culture of Kuwait like avoiding beef, alcohol, pork, and pig-skin accessories. Abiding by the local rules is essential while looking forward to starting one’s professional career in Kuwait as a nurse.

We at Dynamic Health staff have specialized courses at our disposal to help aspiring candidates clear the MOH examination. We are established as one of the most trusted and promising human resource providers in the healthcare sector across the globe. Our expert personnel can provide the optimum guidance necessary to ace the MOH exam and establish yourself as a highly paid nurse in Kuwait.

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