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Nursing Jobs in Germany

Nursing jobs in Germany offer career stability and better professional growth. Germany has a shortage of experienced nurses, so the demand for well-qualified nurses is high here. If the job seeker has all the required documents and qualifications, then he can easily get a nursing job in the country.

If you are looking for nursing jobs in Germany, then it's the right time for you. The country has started to implement new, more relaxing rules to invite more professional nurses to work. However, the process to apply for nursing jobs in Germany still has some complex requirements. Here we will discuss why you should look for nursing jobs in Germany and how can you get one.

Nursing Vacancy in Germany

Germany has an endless requirement for experienced nurses. The healthcare sector of the country offers the best payout to the nursing staff, so for nurses, Germany has become a preferred destination to work.

Every year thousands of nurses apply to work in Germany, and only a few of them could get the chance to work in the country. Most of the work applications get rejected because of some minor mistakes of applicants. Here, we will discuss the right process to apply for nursing jobs in Germany but before this, first, understand the benefits of working as a nurse in Germany.

Why Germany?

You must be aware of the rules of demand and supply. If the demand gets higher and supply gets short, and the price of that particular service increases. Same is happening in Germany. The country has a shortage of nurses, so the hospitals are ready to offer a better salary to the nurses. Here, the nurses have job security, and Germany itself is a good country to live in. Right now, Germany is in 8th position in the Quality of life index 2021.

As we already know that the demand for qualified nurses is higher in Germany, so the country has to take foreigners to work for its people. Timely promotion and career growth are the other important reasons to apply for nursing jobs in Germany.

Germany is a country known for its specialization programs. It offers more than 200 specialist programs in which any nurse can enroll and add one more qualification to his/her resume. If you are a qualified nurse already working in Germany, then you can enroll in the part-time educational program, and many times, your employer can pay for your education expenses. Moreover, the job application acceptance percentage is high for nurses that apply to work in Germany. For specialist healthcare staff, the job application acceptance ratio is more than 96%.

Who Can Apply for Nursing Jobs in Germany?

A well-qualified professional nurse proficient in the German language can apply for nursing jobs in Germany. To work in Germany as a nurse, you will have to interact with the local people more frequently. So it's a must for you to understand their language. When you can speak and understand the German language easily, life will become better for you in this country. The German authorities have made it compulsory for all job seekers to learn the German language before applying for any job. So, to get a nursing job in Germany, you will have to get a German language B2 level certificate from TELC or OSD, or GOETHE.

The basic requirement to apply for nursing jobs in Germany is Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Nursing. General Midwifery diploma holders can also apply to work as a nurse in Germany.

Documents Required to Apply for Nursing Jobs in Germany

The applicants will have to translate their documents into the German language to apply for the nursing jobs in Germany. You will have to submit all your educational documents from secondary to master’s degree, the academic transcript certificate, birth certificate, Id proofs, experience certificate, certificate of nursing registration, marriage certificate, copies of passport, Police clearance certificate, fitness certificate, and German language B2 level certificate.

The validity of the fitness certificate and police verification certificate is only six months, so first, get your B2 certificate, so these two documents remain valid when you apply to work in Germany.

Process to Apply for Jobs in Germany

Once you collect all the documents, then you will have to translate them into German. It’s important that the documents must be properly translated by a sworn translator. Do not pick just any random translator, as your career in Germany depends on the documents. After translating the documents, they will be sent to the applicants' preferred province through the post.

The whole process of sending the documents to the province may take 3 to 4 months. Based on the documents, the job seeker gets a license to work as a nurse in Germany. Then his resume will be sent to different hospitals, and the interview will be conducted via skype. After selection, the candidate gets the appointment letter, and with its help, he can apply for a working visa.

The process to get the license to work in Germany and getting an offer letter from a hospital sounds easy, but it needs lots of effort and time. A professional recruitment agency like Dynamic Health Staff can help you to make the process hassle-free.

Here is what you can expect on getting Nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses

If you are tired of your underpaid nursing job and looking for a change, then you are at the right place! Nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses offers you a perfect work-life balance with great remunerations. That’s exactly what makes Germany an exciting destination for nursing professionals across the world. Besides excellent remuneration and good working conditions, Germany also offers healthcare professionals attractive allowances and social benefits with broad opportunities for career advancement as well as self improvement.

Germany offers more than 200 specializations in nursing that you may choose from in order to boost your career as a nursing professional in terms of demand and higher pay. Most of the nurses in Germany work in a specific unit for a few years and then advance to leadership roles like team leaders. Years of experience in the same unit as a nursing professional in Germany gives you an opportunity to climb the ladder and work in the managerial and academic posts. In the managerial posts, you assume leadership roles, whereas, in academic positions, your job is to train nurses in vocational schools. Other than that, Germany places great emphasis on education and continues to uplift its standards. The country also offers part-time nursing jobs so that you study while you work. Not just this, if you are lucky and capable, your company may also provide some form of financial support for your specialization courses.

Step by step procedure to land you in one of the best Nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses

Here is the complete step by step procedure to secure one of the best nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses in brief.

  • If you are an aspiring nursing professional willing to get one of the nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses, the first thing that you need to do is obtain a German language B2 level certificate. This is mandatory other than qualifications and experience in order to practice as a nursing professional in Germany.
  • Secondly, you will also require a police clearance certificate and fitness certificate in order to prove your credibility and health suitable for a nursing job.
  • Get your documents and certificates translated to the German language.
  • The next step requires you to send your documents to the province for licencing.
  • Send your resumes to private and government hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres etc, who are looking to recruit nursing professionals.
  • Furnish further documents/ certificates, if asked.
  • Attend the interviews, usually scheduled online.
  • Obtain an offer letter or a job letter from the employer.
  • Use the same offer letter/ job letter to apply for a German working visa.

Sounds a little too much work to do, filled with complicacies? Yes, indeed, applying for nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses can be a strenuous and complicated task. But here we are to make this entire process simpler and more efficient for you. Use the experience and expertise of Dynamic Health Staff to make your nursing job search quicker, simpler and more efficient.

How to Apply for Work Visa in Germany

The application process to get a working visa for Germany starts with booking an appointment for a visa interview. The interview is conducted in German Embassy. You will have to bring all your educational documents, Id proof and a job offer from Germany’s hospital. You will get the working visa within one to three months. Nursing jobs in Germany offer prosperity, career security, permanent residency to foreign employees, freedom to bring the family. To make sure that you get a job here, you can take help from Dynamic health staff. It will guide you from the beginning till you get your desired job in the country.

We are a one stop solution for all your job related queries and worries. We work 24/7 to help you through the whole process and try to make it as easy as we can for you. If you are looking to get a job in Germany, don’t think twice and contact us today!

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- Ashamol

I found out about the Dynamic Health Staff nursing recruitment agency through one of my friends while searching for jobs in Germany. After knowing every detail, I was convinced and confident about getting a nursing job overseas. I had a great experience with them. Also, I must appreciate their support and guidance at every step. They are so helpful and always ready to answer your queries. And they were available constantly right from the start until the interview process. The expert training helped me to excel in the exam and clear my interview easily. I strongly recommend this agency to everyone who wishes to get the best nursing job in Germany.

- Ashish Patric Anwar

After completing my Bachelor’s degree and gaining experience for a couple of years I was looking for a better opportunity. Hence, I decided to get a healthcare job in Germany. So, I reached out to Dynamic Health Staff for proper guidance. And they aided me in the entire process, right from the application process to the final job interview. They really helped me in getting the certifications. Plus, the expert’s guidance and tips were useful in getting through the interview process easily. I am very happy to get a nursing job in a leading Germany hospital. Thank you Dynamic Health Staff for your huge support. Highly recommended!

- Ashna


Frequently Answered Questions

Even when the pandemic had not hit the world, Germany has experienced a shortage in their nursing staff. They have an extensive health care program that cannot allow such shortfalls to take place on a large scale.

It is because of this shortage that Germany is offering many perks to medical professionals to join as nurses, so that they can quickly come out of this situation. This is allowing more and more people to join in.

You will need a German language B2 level certificate in order to qualify for nursing jobs in Germany from TELC or OSD or GOETHE. You will also need a Bachelor’s or Masters in Nursing. You can also have a diploma in General Midwifery.

The everyday common language of use is German. People do understand English there but the general population will speak in German. Yes, the language will create a barrier for you but you need to be certified in German in the first place.

You will definitely need your medical degrees in Nursing or Midwifery. You will have to learn German and be certified. It is always welcomed if you already have some working experience.

The process may vary for everyone depending on their qualifications and the department they intend to join. However, you will have to get all your documents translated to German. You need a proper translator as your career depends on it.

There is a lot of growth for you within your field and even beyond it. Jobs for nursing in Germany are in high demand. You will have a better pay grade and better working hours. The work-life balance is what attracts medical professionals the most to Germany.

- Get your documents translated into German.
- Get certified in German with a B2 level certificate.
- You will need police and medical clearance.
- Now, you can start applying to hospitals, clinics, etc.

You will have to see your own interests and specialisations. While there is room for growth, you can always start work in the general ward here and continue with your specialisation. Your qualifications and experience should go hand-in-hand.

You can always take up courses in German and learn with some of the best medical professionals and technology. There will be personal growth as well because you will be able to take up administrative roles as well.

The salary in a nursing job in Germany can vary depending on several factors, such as the level of education, work experience, type of employer, and the region of Germany. According to the latest available data from 2021, the average monthly salary of a registered nurse in Germany is around €3,500 to €4,000 gross per month.

However, it is important to note that salaries can differ significantly between different regions of Germany. For example, nurses working in metropolitan areas such as Munich, Frankfurt, or Berlin may earn higher salaries than those working in rural areas. In addition, private healthcare providers may offer higher salaries than public healthcare providers.

Overall, the nursing profession in Germany is generally well-paid, and nurses can expect to earn a comfortable living wage.

Yes, Germany does need nurses. Like many other countries, Germany is currently facing a shortage of qualified nurses, which has become more acute in recent years due to an ageing population and a high demand for healthcare services.

The German government has launched several initiatives to address this shortage to attract more nurses from abroad and encourage more young people to pursue nursing careers. These initiatives include simplifying the recognition of foreign nursing qualifications, offering financial incentives and benefits for nurses, and increasing the number of nursing training programs.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of nurses in the healthcare system, and there is increasing recognition of the need to invest in this profession. Overall, nursing is a highly valued profession in Germany, and there are many opportunities for qualified nurses to work in various settings, from hospitals and clinics to nursing homes and community health centres.

Yes, being a nurse in Germany can be a successful job. Nurses in Germany are highly valued and respected healthcare team members, and there are many opportunities for advancement and professional development in this field.

In terms of salary, nurses in Germany can earn a comfortable living wage, with the average monthly salary of a registered nurse ranging from €3,500 to €4,000 gross per month. Nurses with specialised training or experience may earn even higher salaries.

In addition to financial compensation, nursing in Germany can be a rewarding career path in terms of job satisfaction and personal fulfilment. Nurses play a critical role in providing patient care and improving health outcomes, and this work has a sense of purpose and meaning.

Furthermore, the nursing profession in Germany is highly regulated and requires a high level of education and training, which provides opportunities for professional growth and development. Nurses can pursue further education and specialisation, such as advanced practice nursing or nursing management. There are many opportunities to work in diverse healthcare settings and with different patient populations.

Nursing can be a successful and fulfilling career in Germany, with many personal and professional growth opportunities.

If you have already completed a BSc in Nursing, you may not need to pursue further education to become a nurse in Germany, as a Bachelor's degree in Nursing is recognised as a qualification for nursing practice in Germany. However, if you have completed your BSc in Nursing in a country other than Germany, you may need to have your degree recognised and undergo a validation process to practice as a nurse in Germany.

To become a nurse in Germany, you will also need to pass a German language proficiency test, as good communication skills in German are essential for working in the healthcare sector in Germany. In addition, you may need to complete practical training and obtain a license to practice nursing in Germany.

To advance your nursing career, you may also consider pursuing a Master's degree in Nursing or a related field. A Master's degree can provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in specialised areas of nursing practice, such as leadership and management, research, or education. This can open up additional career opportunities and enable you to take on more senior roles within the healthcare sector.

Like many other countries, Germany is facing a shortage of qualified nurses, so many job opportunities are available for qualified nursing professionals. This can provide good job security and career prospects for nurses in Germany. Germany's strong and well-developed healthcare system provides high-quality patient care. This can be an attractive feature for nursing professionals interested in working in a high-quality healthcare environment.

Germany has a highly regulated nursing profession, meaning that nursing education and training programs are well-structured and high quality. Nurses in Germany also have access to ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

Nurses in Germany generally enjoy a good work-life balance, with opportunities for part-time work and flexible schedules. This can be particularly helpful for those who must balance work with other commitments, such as caring for children or other family members.

If you are interested in nursing and looking for a stable and well-compensated career, nursing in Germany may be a good choice.

It could be difficult to find nursing jobs in Germany with no experience. Most nursing jobs in Germany require at least some experience or training, as the profession is highly regulated and requires specialised skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in nursing in Germany but have no prior experience, you may need to consider starting with an entry-level position or completing a nursing assistant training program to gain some basic skills and experience. These positions and programs may provide you with opportunities to gain practical experience and develop your skills, which can help you qualify for more advanced nursing positions.

It is also worth noting that German language skills are essential for working in the nursing profession in Germany, so if you are not a native German speaker, you will need to be fluent in German to work in this field. This may require additional language training or study.

In summary, while finding nursing jobs in Germany with no experience can be challenging, it is possible with the right training and qualifications. Starting with an entry-level position or completing a nursing assistant training program can be a good way to gain practical experience and work towards more advanced nursing positions.


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