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Nursing Jobs in Canada for Indian Nurses

Are you a young nursing professional in India looking for an opportunity to move to Canada as a Nursing professional? Well, you are at the right place!

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, are here to help you find the best Nursing jobs in Canada for Indian Nurses. Moving to Canada as a nursing professional enables you to work with one of the world's largest healthcare systems under favorable conditions with a great pay slab.

Growing Demand for Nursing Staff in Canada

There has been a continuous rise in demand for healthcare professionals in Canada over a decade. To make the conditions favorable for healthcare professionals including nursing staff, Canada also offers permanent visas and a comfortable remuneration for people aspiring to move to Canada as healthcare professionals.

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, assist you to make the best use of the growing demand for nursing staff in Canada. Nursing professionals in Canada are in huge demand and the healthcare profession is on the Canadian NOC 3012 list code. It means that Indian nurses in Canada are eligible for full permanent residency under the Federal Skilled worker immigration programme for both the federal as well as the provincial nomination basis. Once the administrative requirements of registering oneself with the Registered Nurses Association of the Canadian province of your choice and becoming a member of the province’s official college of licensed nurses are fulfilled, a person can apply for a permanent visa to move to Canada.

Perks of Working as a Nursing Professional in Canada

As a nurse in Canada, you get the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading healthcare systems while enjoying a comfortable remuneration along with other benefits including access to social benefits such as Health Care Coverage, right to live, work and study anywhere in Canada, great working conditions and protection of your life and civil rights under the Canadian law. Canada is both a fantastic as well as an embracing country to live in. The Healthcare sector in Canada is at a boom opening up great opportunities for the people who are willing to work as healthcare professionals in Canada.

Know How to Grab a Nursing Job in Canada

We, at Dynamic HealthStaff assist young, talented and enthusiastic professional nurses to live their dream of getting a nursing job in Canada for Indian nurses. In order to grab a nursing job in Canada, one needs to apply and qualify for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, look and assess provinces in Canada that require nurses and apply for the provincial nomination.

Indian nurses along with Canadian Registered Nurse Examination are also required to give an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic exam in order to prove their English proficiency as Indians do not have English as their first language. IELTS is one of the most widely recognized international language academic exams. The exam score in your test certificate includes a specific score in each communication skill along with an overall score. To be eligible for permanent residency for nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses, the minimum IELTS score which is required is an overall of 6.5 with at least 7 in the speaking component and not less than 6 in any other component. The IELTS test score is attached along with the application.

Know How to Get your Application for a Permanent Visa to Canada approved

The Canadian Immigration for nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses is based on points that your application gets based on its different criteria. In order to qualify for a permanent residency visa for Canada, one needs to reach up to at least 67 points out of a possible 100 points in the application. IELTS score is one of the major components along with age, education, experience, etc. A higher IELTS score increases your chances of approval of your application too.

Know how Dynamic Health Staff can help you grab one of the Nursing jobs in Canada for Indian Nurses

Grabbing one of the high in demand nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses is undoubtedly not a cakewalk. It is a challenging task filled with a lot of complicacies, but proper guidance and support can help you sail through the entire recruitment process at an ease. Also, when it comes to your career, one cannot afford to go wrong!

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, are here to assist you in getting your dream job. Our team of experts help you in every step that you take to build a better career for yourself, beginning from filing an application form, meeting the eligibility criteria, preparing you for the OET/ IELTS exam, applying for the job, visa requirements, getting your visa approved and also in preparing you for the interview and training purposes. We assist you through the entire recruitment process and ensure that you get the seamless transition to one of the best nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses.

In the past, we have helped over 17,000 nurses to land in of the best and high paying nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses, who are now living their life and enjoying the perks of their career that they once dreamt of.

So, if you too want to fulfil your dream of a better nursing career, get in touch with experts from Dynamic Health Staff today. We use our experience and expertise to make the dreams of lakhs of individuals turn true!

Know what makes Nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses an exciting opportunity for you to grab!

Canada as a working destination for healthcare professionals is an excellent opportunity because of the wide range of benefits that the country offers to its healthcare professionals. Working in Canada as a healthcare professional gives you an opportunity to enjoy a perfect blend of a lavish lifestyle and an exciting working opportunity with great pay. Also, Canada has been honoured with the title of one of the most peaceful nations in the world.

Not only is it a great place to live in, but its healthcare sector is also one of the leading healthcare sectors across the world. It offers a higher pay of the world’s average pay scale for nursing professionals. Along with that, you also get to enjoy other social benefits like social security benefits, decent healthcare benefits, paid holidays, paid leaves, maternity leave, parental leave, relaxing working hours, compassionate care benefits, free child care, annual financial bonuses and further educational opportunities etc.

Additionally, on getting Nursing Jobs in Canada for Indian nurses, you also get entitled to legal benefits like Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Workplace Insurance coverage etc. Along with this, Canada also offers an opportunity and enables you to live with your spouse by providing them with a visa permit on the ground that their partner is a working professional in Canada. With a valid work permit, they may also be eligible to work in Canada.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff?

Dynamic HealthStaff is one of the leading Human Resource providers that helps you gain the best results from the available opportunities. We help healthcare professionals to move towards the path of success in their careers. So, if you are looking for a nursing job in Canada for Indian nurses, here we bring you the right opportunity!

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