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Jobs For Doctors In UK Without PLAB

Yes, you read it right, it has now become possible to get jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB!

The new regulations announced by the General Medical Council, United Kingdom, opens up job opportunities for doctors in UK with PLAB. Earlier, in order to grab a job in the UK as a doctor, it was mandatory to pass the PLAB exam. PLAB or the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Boards test was used to ensure that the doctors who have qualified not from the UK have the right knowledge to practice medicine in the UK.

However, the new regulations announced by the General Medical Council, GMC, opens up new pathways for Indian doctors and medical graduates to practice as a doctor in the United Kingdom.

So, if you too dream of a job in the UK, here is your chance as it has now become possible for you to grab one of the jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB and make your dream come true!

Different Routes That Have Now Opened Up To Grab Jobs For Doctors In UK Without PLAB

The General medical council, GMC, UK announced new regulations in 2021 that opened up new pathways for Indian doctors and medical graduates to practice in the United Kingdom. The general medical council, UK has announced to offer registration with a licence to practice in the UK to International medical graduates who have passed the USMLE (United State Medical Licence Exam), the AMC (Australian Medical council) exam or MCCQ (Medical council of Canadian qualification) exam. However, for those who have not qualified the above said exams, the option to appear for PLAB to practice as a doctor in the United Kingdom is still open.

Additionally, the Medical training initiative (MTI) or transfer and exchange programme between some countries and the United Kingdom or the MRCS exam (Membership Exams of the Royal College) also enables an individual to grab jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB.

Medical training Initiative or the MTI route is a national scheme for all doctors from all over the world to enter the UK and work for a maximum of 24 months so that they can gain the experience of practicing in the UK as a doctor and benefit from the training. You don’t necessarily need to pass the PLAB test under the medical training initiative, MTI.

Here Is All That You Need To Know About The New Regulations!

Earlier, MTI, transfer and exchange programmes were the three major routes for medical graduates or doctors in India to grab jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB. But in 2021, the GMC has approved the AMC exam, USMLE exam and the MCCQ exam, provided that you have passed the USMLE exam before March 2020, the MCCQE exam before 27th October 2020 and the AMC exam before 5th March 2020, you become qualified to apply for licence by registering with GMC without PLAB.

It means as per the new regulations announced by GMC, if you have passed any of these exams and have not qualified PLAB, now you have the opportunity to apply for registration in order to work as a doctor in the UK.

This regulation does not apply to IMGS from Switzerland and the UK.

Know What Makes You Eligible To Apply For Jobs For Doctors In UK Without PLAB!

In order to apply for jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB, you need to show an evidence of the following:

  • Having a primary medical qualification i.e. your medical degree certificate
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency. Your IELTS or OET test score can be evidence of your English language proficiency.
  • Additionally, an evidence of a UK approved internship for a minimum 2 years or UK approved foundation year program
  • 4 years eligibility to be registered with GMC
  • 12 months training in medical, surgery, obstetrics in gynaecology and paediatrics.

Along with all of the above, with new guidelines now you can also use the USMLE, MCCQE, or the AMC exam qualification to get yourself registered with GMC, UK. You need not necessarily have to pass the PLAB exam, making it possible to get jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB. You can also choose the MTI initiative or the transfer and exchange program between the United Kingdom and other countries that enables you to grab jobs for doctors in UK without PLAB.

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Frequently Answered Questions

According to the latest General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines in 2021, Indian students and medical professionals can now practice in the UK without a PLAB. This definitely opens up new avenues for people to start working in the UK.

If you have your registration done with the GMC, you can apply for internships as you normally would have. However, this is usually applicable to people who have completed their basic medical degree are eligible for the same.

Once you have your MBBS or any other equivalent degree in the field, you have to get yourself registered under the General Medical Council (GMC). You cannot practice in the UK without registering here. PLAB is no longer a necessary requirement to practice in the UK.

The General Medical Council is the only authority where you need to register to get a doctor’s job in the UK. It is possible that your work may fall under the NHS, even then your registration number will be generated from them. It is illegal to practice without their registration.

Without a PLAB, you still need certain certificates and degrees to be registered under the GMC. You need:
- A primary medical certificate can be your MBBS.
- Training experience in your related field of medicine surgery, gynaecology or paediatrics.
- Your CV or all your training experience, in detail.
- You also need to meet the language requirements for English through IELTS or OET.

These will be specified to you by your employer in advance.

You get a hand- on training when you are enrolled for a clinical MD course in the UK. Patient management and treatments will give you an expansive experience, which will directly be useful to you in the field.

Once you do get a job in the UK without PLAB, you can work in medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology. You will be eligible for internships and house jobs as well.

Under the Medical Training Initiative (MTI), there is a national scheme for doctors all over the world to work in the UK without PLAB.

Once you are in the programme, you can work in the UK for 24 months. You can use the training and experience that you gain here to then apply anywhere in the world. You do not need a PLAB to apply for this training programme either.


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