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Ireland Nurses Vacancy

Are you a diligent healthcare professional in India looking for an opportunity to enlarge the scope of your career and work overseas? Well, then you definitely are at the right place!

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, bring you an astounding opportunity that will certainly help you in not only expanding your career options but will also turn out to be a great working experience for you. We are here to assist you in making the best use of the Ireland nurse vacancy and the growing demand of healthcare professionals in Ireland. 

Know What Makes Ireland a Great Place to Work as a Nursing Professional!

Ireland is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in the west of Europe and out in the middle of the Atlantic. Getting an opportunity to work and live in one of the most serene atmospheres across Europe definitely makes one fortunate enough. Not only this, it has also one of the best leading public healthcare systems in the world. It offers its residents the best treatment at subsidised rates. Also, it offers its residents free public education and is in the top amongst the list of the safest places across the globe. Most importantly, Ireland is one the fastest growing economies of the world. So, if you are working as a nursing professional in Ireland, you can expect an above average pay package compared to other major countries.

The Ever-Increasing Ireland Nurse Vacancy

The country has been facing a shortage in the number of healthcare professionals, especially nurses. The main cause of it is its ageing population, the number of nurses retiring every year is much higher than mew trained nurses joining there. Therefore, to meet the Ireland nurse vacancy, the country in the past few years started recruiting nursing professionals from overseas. This opened up a great opportunity for diligent and trained nurses in India to work as a nursing professional in Ireland.

Know How to Grab a Nursing Job in Ireland

In order to become a nursing professional in Ireland, one needs to mandatorily register themselves with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). It is not a one-time registration but it needs to be renewed every year along with an Annual Retention of €100. Failure in the payment of Annual Retention fee may make you lose your registration to work as a nursing professional in Ireland.

However, you need not worry because the amount that you will be earning while working as a nursing professional in Ireland is undoubtedly worth. Also, the applicants get to choose their areas of specialisations and the one in which they would preferably work.

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff

Dynamic Health Staff is one of the leading human resource providers across the globe with over 40 years of experience in this business. We are a huge team of dedicated and intrinsic individuals spread across different countries who are there to help you in making out the best use of the available opportunities. We bring the latest and updated information about vacancies, application process, visa guidelines. We have sent over 17,000 young and trained nurses to Ireland in the past few years who are now living their dreams of a great career with a high standard of living.

We, at Dynamic Health Staff, are here to guide you and help you in every step you take towards the path of success in your career.

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