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Ireland Nurses Recruitment Agency in India

Are you looking for the best Ireland nurses recruitment agency in India? If yes, then you can simply terminate your search here with utmost contentment as Dynamic Health Staff is known to be the best Ireland nurses recruitment agency in India. We are a huge team of experts who counsel you with every recruitment related issue you have. We bring astounding opportunities to help you build a better for yourself.

Growing Demand for Healthcare Professionals in Ireland

Ireland has been recruiting healthcare professionals from overseas since the last few years to meet new vacancies and at the same time, opening up great opportunities for nursing professionals in India. The country has been facing shortage in the number of healthcare professionals, especially nurses because of its ageing population as the number of nurses retiring every year is more than the number of nurses joining there.

Perks of Working as a Nursing Professional in Ireland

Apart from living in one of the most beautiful islands with serene atmospheres, you also enjoy other benefits while working as a nursing professional in Ireland like free public education, healthcare facilities at subsidised rates, social security benefits, higher wages and a great standard of living. Also, working as a nursing professional in Ireland, you get to choose your area of specialisation in which you would like to work as a nurse.

Minimum Requirement to Work as a Nursing Professional in Ireland

Along with a professional degree in nursing and minimum 2 years of experience, Indian nurses also need to qualify for IELTS exam in order to grab a nursing job in Ireland. The country has its Nursing and Midwifery board to recruit nursing professionals. So, the first thing you need to need to do in order to get a nursing job in Ireland is registering oneself with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). Also, it requires you to mandatorily renew your registration every year with Annual Retention fee €100.

Know Why you Need a Recruitment Agency in Order to Grab a Nursing Job in Ireland

A recruitment agency acts as your friend and councillor while assisting in every step you take to build a better career for yourself. The decisions you make while choosing and building your career shapes your future and you cannot afford to go wrong or even miss a single good opportunity so it is always better to hire a recruitment agency to make the best of use of the available opportunities.

We, at Dynamic Health Staff are the best Ireland nurses recruitment agency in India. We are a huge team of experts, who are experienced in the field recruiting human resource. Our experts work on personally understanding your needs and aspirations, and work on finding the best solutions for your recruitment related issues. We assist you in every step that you take to build a better future for yourself from understanding eligibility, qualification and VISA requirements to submitting your job applications and training.

How Can Ireland Nurses Recruitment Agency In India Help You In Getting Your Dream Job?

You cannot simply afford to go wrong or even miss an opportunity when it comes to your career. Applying for jobs overseas can be a strenuous as well as a complicated task. It involves many intricacies, the perfect solution for which can be provided through some professional guidance.

Dynamic Health Staff, one of the Ireland nurses recruitment agencies in India, is here to assist you in getting the job you desire. We take pride in the work we deliver of fulfilling dreams and helping people land their dream job. We have delivered over 3 lakh promises to individuals who aspire to work overseas.

So, if you too are willing to boost your career, get in touch with experts from Dynamic Health Staff today and get one of the best and high paying nursing jobs in Ireland. Ireland is an appealing destination for Indian nurses because of the wide variety of scope of practice the country offers with specialization degrees for nursing professionals and its handsome package. Dynamic health staff is here to help you get your hands on the best high-paying nursing jobs in Ireland.

Know What Makes Dynamic Health Staff One of the Best Ireland Nurses Recruitment Agency in India

What makes Dynamic Health Staff the best Ireland nurses recruitment agency in India is nothing but the promises that we have delivered and the desire to fulfil more promises to fulfil more dreams. We ensure and guarantee our clients get the job that they desire. We are known for delivering exactly what we promise.

What makes us different from other Ireland nurses recruitment agencies in India is that we accompany and assist you in every step that you take towards getting your desired job and provide hassle-free support to our clients. We do not stress you with any last formalities to apply for your dream job. We do not charge any extra or last-minute fee for getting your visa application approved.

Additionally, other than assisting you in applying for the job you desire and fulfilling all the requirements on your behalf, we also prepare you for the interview round and offer special courses for the test you would require to qualify to land your dream job. We ensure you a hassle-free and relaxing process rather than a stress-free process of fulfilling last-minute requirements, making any last-minute changes or alterations, or arranging additional documents. We do all that on your behalf before the date of filing the application form.

We do everything keeping in mind our client’s preferences like that of the preferred income, preferred locations, and other preferences. So, once you hire the services of the best Ireland nurses recruitment agency in India, you can relax and rely on us for fulfilling the promise of getting you land your dream job!

Why Choose Dynamic Health Staff

Dynamic Health Staff is your one step solution to achieve your dreams of working as a nursing professional in Ireland. We are rated as the best and the most promising Ireland nurses recruitment agency in India by our customers who have greatly benefitted from our services. We have recruited over 17,000 young and trained nurses to Ireland in the past few years who are at present living their dreams of a great career and high standard of living. If you wish to be next, get in touch with Dynamic Health Staff today.

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I am very thankful to Dynamic Health Staff for supporting me in getting my dream job. And I genuinely appreciate the whole team for the best advice and guidance. They have vast experience in this field. Thus, they understood my needs well and found the top nursing vacancies. With their assistance, it was conducive for me to get through every step towards the path to my success. Hence, I highly recommend this staffing agency to everyone searching for the best nursing job in Ireland.

- Maceya Maria Thangam

Dynamic Health Staff offers excellent recruitment services for Indian nurses. Also, they are very dedicated, responsible, and honest in their approach. The team guided me at every step of the job application process. Also, they helped me with some crucial tips that were useful in clearing the interview easily. At Dynamic Health Staff, they know what you need and provide excellent job positions in top healthcare centers. I am delighted with my job as a nurse in a reputed hospital in Ireland. And I can't thank them enough for their support. Indeed they are the best nursing recruitment agency. Strongly recommended!!!

- Neethu V Satheesh

I wanted to grab nursing job opportunities in Ireland. Since there are a lot of chances that could help me to excel as a healthcare professional. I was in a real need to get a job there. So, I contacted the Dynamic Health Staff recruitment agency. They discussed the details and understood my needs. And the team assisted me with the preparation for the IELTS exam and interview. They provided the best lessons and resources that were truly helpful. Besides, they guided me so well that I didn't face any issues. And I am satisfied with my job as a Midwifery nurse in a top Ireland hospital. Thank you so much, DHS!!!

- Nicy James

I want to thank Dynamic Health Staff for finding a suitable job for me in Ireland. I always dreamed of growing my nursing career and getting the best job in a leading hospital there. When I went to Dynamic Health Staff, they explained every process in detail. Also, they assured me that I would get the job at my preferred location. They provided constant support and guidance that helped me easily clear every step. And the whole team was dedicated and prompt. They were always ready to clear my doubts regarding the placement. Also, the follow-up was good and fulfilled all the promises they made. I truly recommend them!

- Parvin Mehaboob Hullugiri

I have been hunting for a good job opportunity in Ireland for the past two years. I wanted to grow my nursing career and make a good income. But, I could not clear my exam or get rejected in the interview. It was really frustrating. Then, my friend told me about this recruitment agency. Initially, I was a bit skeptical. But, after talking to them and discussing the entire scenario. I was convinced. Also, they figured out my shortcomings and provided the best advice to overcome them. Their online training program helped me greatly. I must say that DHS is the best nursing recruitment agency. Strongly recommended!!!

- Paulin


Frequently Answered Questions

If you have trained outside of Ireland and wish to work in the country as a nurse or any other medical professional. There are many ways to go about it. Rather than applying yourself, there are many Ireland recruitment agencies for nurses that will guide you through the entire process.

You do not always have to give the IELTS exam for a job or even admission to some universities in Ireland. OET or the Occupational English Test has been made specially to analyse the English language skills of medical professionals who have been trained outside Ireland. This is to test how well they will perform in an English- speaking environment.

While nursing recruitment agencies for Ireland will inform you of all the documents and eligibility criteria you need to fulfil, you should know about all your options. You need to have a valid nursing registration in the country you are currently practising in. You also need to have a year’s worth of experience in your related nursing field in India.

Since being a nurse or any medical professional requires a lot of training, Indian nurses are in demand in Ireland because they meet the eligibility criteria for their selection. Ireland has a robust healthcare system that is always looking to absorb more people.

One of the biggest reasons for this increased demand is the change in demographics of Ireland that now comprises largely the older generation.

Before you can even start applying to fulfil Ireland nursing agencies recruitments, you need to be registered and approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland or the NMBI.

This entire process can take up to 6 months or more. And, it is only after you register to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland will you be able to apply for jobs. They have their own requirements and your nursing recruitment agency for Ireland will inform you of the same.

The NMBI is divided into various divisions that depend on how you have completed your undergraduate degree from. The structure of your degree will decide where you fall in these divisions. It is not a ranking system but a categorising one.

You do need to qualify for the OET if you are not applying for any academic course in Ireland. In that case, you will have to give the IELTS. These are simple tests that are related to your profession. This is the basic level of English your employers also expect you to know.

Once you are registered on the NMBI portal, you are free to contact various employers and start your interview process.


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