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Frequently Asked Questions

In which country is the HAAD exam required?+

The Health Authority- Abu Dhabi conducts this exam for all medical professionals to obtain licensing who wish to work in Abu Dhabi.

How many years of experience is required for HAAD exam? +

You need to have an experience of at least 2 years to register for HAAD exam.

What if I have a gap in my work experience? +

You can still appear for the HAAD exam if you have a work experience gap of less than two years.

What if the experience gap is more than two years?+

If you have an experience gap of more than two years, you need to upload the scanned copy of your Continuous Medical Education (CME) Certificate.

Explain the process and pattern of HAAD exam?+

The process of HAAD exam includes 3 steps:

• Credentialing
• Data Flow
• Exam
The exam is of three hours wherein you need to answer 150 MCQs.

What are documents I need to submit for HAAD exam?+

The documents you need to submit for HAAD exam are:

• Academic Qualification certificates
• Degree/Diploma in Nursing
• Mark sheets
• HAAD Registration Certificate
• BLS (For Nurses and Doctors)
• Good Standing Certificate from your previous workplace
• Experience Certificate
• Passport
• Photo

What is BLS Card? Is it mandatory for all healthcare professionals attending the HAAD exam? +

The full form of BLS is Basic Life Support. It is a one-day course by the American Heart Association conducted in its approved centres. Yes, it is required for all healthcare professionals who are attending the HAAD exam

How many years of experience is required for attending the DHA examination? +

You need at least 2 years of experience to attend the DHA examination.

If I have a gap in my experience, am I be able to attend the DHA exam? +

Yes. Please note that a maximum of 2 years of experience gap is accepted for DHA exams.

What if my work experience gap is more than 2 years? +

If you have a gap of more than two years, you have to upload the Continuous Medical Education (CME) Certificate as a verification proof of your work gap reason.

What is the DHA exam process and pattern? +

There are three processes involved in the DHA examination:

1. Credentialing
2. Data Flow
3. Exam

About the pattern, there are 100 MCQs that you have to attempt in two and a half hour.

What is the Credentialing in DHA exam?+

Credentialing is the official verification process followed by the authorities to make sure that the candidate meets the required eligibility criteria to attend the DHA exam.

What is the Data Flow procedure in DHA exam?+

The second step in the process is the Data Flow process. It is the certificate verification process to verify that all the certificates uploaded by the candidate are genuine.

What documents do I need to upload for DHA exam?+

Below documents are required for DHA exam:

1. You academic certificates
2. Degree/Diploma in Nursing
3. Marks lists / Transcript
4. Registration Certificate
5. BLS (For Nurses)
6. Good Standing Certificate
7. Experience Certificate
8. Passport
9. Photograph

Does the internship is included in the experience? +

No, Nurses/Doctors need to have an experience of complete three years in order to apply for the DHA exam.

How long does it take for the Credentialing process?+

Generally, it may take up to one week for the Credentialing process. In special cases, it may take about one month in the Credentialing Process.

How long does it take for Data Flow process?+

It takes around 30 Working Days for completing the Data Flow process.

How long may it take for attending the DHA test after starting the process?+

After starting the process, you need to wait for the Credential Approval and Data Flow done. When these 2 processes are completed, you can book the exam date according to the availability of dates

What is the next step after passing the DHA exam? +

After you pass the DHA exam, you can start applying for the jobs in the hospitals in Dubai.

How many attempts are allowed for the DHA exam?+

Three attempts are allowed for the DHA exam.

Is there any age limit for attending the DHA exam?+

No, there is no age limit for attending the DHA exam.

Can I practice in some other country after passing the DHA Exam?+

You can convert your DHA license to HAAD or MOH license without attending the exam, but for that, you have to work in Dubai for at least 6 months.


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