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Relocation to a foreign country is a big decision for you and your family. Attending our webinar will guide you on the step by step process and you can avail one-to-one counselling from our speakers.

OSCE Conference with Helen Romnes and Varun Khosla
16 Aug 2020
INDIA- 04:00 PM (IST) / UK- 11:30 AM (BST)
Zoom Meeting

In this workshop our UK Trainer will discuss and guide how to prepare and pass OSCE in the first attempt.
Have your questions ready, we are here to guide you!!
Workshop Topics: 
•    Overview
•    Clinical skills
•    Exam
•    Understanding marking and the result
•    Prepare with OSCE Online: www.osceonline.co.uk
•    Course listing
•    Syllabus & study material
•    Common Mistakes / Errors
•    Questions and answers?

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Venue: Zoom Meeting

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